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9 Benefits of Being a Freelance Writer (That You Never Expected)

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Ever wondered how it would feel to live without any strings attached? What if you could be in Bali, relaxing on the beach today and sitting at a café in Paris, sipping away your favorite espresso the next? And do all that without losing your job?


Well, if you're a talented writer, this dream can become a reality. And that's just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the benefits of being a freelance writer. There are countless more which I’m going to explore today. Let’s dive right in! 



9 Benefits of Being a Freelance Writer


As a freelance writer, you have the opportunity to live a life without limits, where you can travel the world, connect with others, and earn a living while doing what you love.


Here are some cool things you can expect:



1. Freedom 


Let's face it, traditional 9-5 jobs can be stifling. You're confined to an office, limited in your ability to travel, and your creativity is often suppressed by strict rules and regulations. 


But as a skilled writer, you can:

  • Discover the world and experience new adventures
  • Meet new people and learn about diverse cultures
  • Be there for your loved ones when they need you the most


The freedom that comes with freelance writing is unparalleled. And this is the sole reason why  I, like many others, have chosen this career path.


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2. Quadruple Your Earning (Just Move to a Cheaper Country) 




Did you know:

Indonesia is 73% less expensive than in the United States? 


In Turkey, the cost of living is 63.4% lower than living in the U.S. 

Living in Malaysia is 51% cheaper than the United States.  



The list goes on and on. 


You’d be amazed to see the results if you did the research yourself.


As you don’t have a permanent office, you can easily relocate to one of these super-affordable countries and live like a king! 


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3. Endless Career Opportunities in Other Fields


You can use your writing expertise to grow in other industries like SEO or design. Here are some career paths you may choose:


Writing+SEO = Guaranteed Success 


SEO is complex, but it's easier for writers to understand and try things out.


Non-writers can struggle and even have to hire writers to test their SEO strategies. This puts a serious burden on them, especially when they’re at the beginning stage of their journey. Writers, on the other hand, can easily test different approaches and see what works best for their audience. It's no surprise that many of the leaders in the SEO industry, such as Brian Dean and Neil Patel, started out as writers. 


With Google's Helpful Content Update, the whole industry is shifting towards a more audience-friendly approach. 


Since writers understand their audience they’d do exceptionally well than those who have no clue about their audience and pumping out mindless SEO metrics.


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Grow on LinkedIn and Help Others Grow


With 1 billion active users , a large portion of whom are paying clients, LinkedIn is a goldmine for service sellers. Growing on LinkedIn, whether it's increasing the number of followers or getting hold of clients, is always a top priority for anyone. And writers do it better than anybody else! 


By using their writing skills to create valuable, compelling content with irresistible hooks, they can quickly establish themselves as thought leaders in their industry. Once they have built their reputation through writing, they can then help others grow or sell paid courses, or create a mailing list to later promote and sell digital or material goods. 


Yes, the opportunities are limitless.


Be a Writing Coach and Hit the Academica


With the right professional and educational background, you can get into academia and make a difference in the lives of aspiring writers. Many universities offer programs in writing and you can easily find a job as a writing instructor if you have the right qualifications. 


With your wealth of writing expertise, you can also create your own online writing courses and reach an even wider audience!




Having skills in both design and writing is a real game-changer. When you're good at both, you can turn your ideas into something truly unique and special. You're like a one-man army, able to create amazing work without needing a team. This means you'll never be short on projects or job offers.


Content Creators on different Social Networking Platforms


You can also be content creators on different social networking platforms. Yes, you’re a writer, but your head is full of unique ideas that many don’t have. You can get the required equipment and establish yourself as a:

  • YouTuber where you can discuss your journey and show different income streams and so on. 
  • Use your unique ideas to grow on TikTok, Instagram, or YouTube.  
  • Twitter is heaven for writers
  • You can also become a pro blogger on Medium or Quora


Documentary Creator 


Pro writers always have tons and tons of ideas running through their heads. If you’re one of them, then why not put those ideas to use and write your own scripts? Find out friends who know their way around videography and editing, you could even turn your scripts into kickass documentaries! 


Just some food for thought. Got any more ideas? Leave 'em in the comments and I'll add them to the list!



4. Financial Independence


As a freelance content writer, you can earn a good living from writing alone, however, it may seem a bit too difficult if you don’t rank up your expertise and work in different fields. 


It's all about diversifying your skills and offerings. You can't just stick to writing for one company and expect to hit the jackpot. You gotta branch out and show off your expertise from all angles.


To really make it financially, you gotta be versatile. Offer a range of services, like writing for blogs, creating eBooks, selling courses, and even starting your own blogs with affiliate partnerships. Trust me, multiple streams of income are the way to go!


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5. You Get to Choose Your Own Boss


The coolest thing is that you get to choose who you work with. People usually just focus on the money, but having a good boss is way more important. 


As a freelance writer, If you don't vibe with someone, you can just move on. No strings attached. You're not tied down to anyone, you're in control. That's the beauty of being a freelance writer!



6. No More Commuting


Let's face it, nobody likes being stuck in traffic. It's like being stuck in quicksand, the harder you try to hurry and get out, the deeper you sink. 


If you're one of those folks who hates being caught in all that madness, not once a month, but every working day,  you should definitely check out freelance writing or any other freelance gig. 


Trust me, you'll love it!



7. Work at Your Own Time and Set Your Own Pace


Imagine waking up each day with the power to dictate your own schedule, and the freedom to work from anywhere and any time you desire. That's the beauty of being a freelance writer! 


You have the unique advantage of setting your own hours and pace, writing at your own leisure, and creating a work-life balance that suits your needs. 


Whether you're a morning person who likes to write with a cup of coffee, a night owl who finds inspiration after hours, or someone who thrives on writing in spurts of creativity, you have the ability to make it all happen. 


So, embrace the freedom and unleash your potential as a writer today!



8. Limitless Earning Opportunities


When you're starting out as a writer, you can expect to make around 25K to 30K a year. But as you get better, that number can go up to 80K. And if you're a top-tier writer, you could be making 100K to 120K a year. 


That's for the 9-5ers who work for a company. But if you have your own business, the sky's the limit!


My advice is to start a side hustle while you're working your 9-5. Hire experienced writers from cheaper parts of the world to do the writing for you and work as an editor in your free time. Once your side hustle starts generating substantial income, it's time to spread your wings and grow your business!



9. Work-life Balance


Freelance writing provides a work-life balance that many other careers can't match. You have the flexibility to structure your day and work schedule around your personal life, rather than the other way around. 


Whether you're a parent who needs to be home for your kids, someone who loves to travel, or simply someone who values a healthy work-life balance, writing gives you the ability to make it all work. 


You can write from your home, from a coffee shop, or from a tropical paradise, as long as you have a laptop and an internet connection. 


This level of flexibility allows you to pursue your passion for writing while still prioritizing your health, relationships, and overall well-being.


That’s it for today! I think I’ve covered enough! And now I’d like to hear from you. 


Which of the benefits did you find most interesting? 


Did I miss anything? 


Feel free to let me down in the comments. 


The opportunities are endless for being a writer. If you know someone who’s hesitant please SHARE and motivate them to get started!


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