New Resources for Independent Professionals

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We’d like to share some helpful resources created for independent professionals at every stage in your career. Find great tips you can pull from in each of these resources, whether you’re building your freelancing career or looking to level-up your current approach to your business. Check out these handy resources on drafting cover letters, updating your resume, and ways to market yourself.


Career Change Cover Letter Samples & Examples - Even if you’re not changing careers, this article includes some great tips on key elements to include when crafting a cover letter to help you stand out.


20 Resume Writing Tips to Stand Out and Land Your Dream Job in 2021 - From refreshing your existing resume to starting from scratch, you’ll find pointers on showcasing your experience and skills to shine a light on your potential! 


How to Write a Great Resume That Stands Out - Get practical advice on how to build a resume and best practices for selecting which information to highlight to attract the attention of hiring-managers.


6 Effective Ways to Market Your Freelance Business - Discover ways to boost your visibility, even beyond a traditional resume and cover letter. 


For more resources, like Advice on Winning Interview Techniques, developed from real-life freelancers on Upwork, check out our Resource Center!  


Let us know in the comments if there are other topics you’d like to see covered in the Resource Center!

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Hello Vladimir!


"New Resources for Independent Professionals"


Two things:


1. Thank you for the information and I'm sure it will be a treasure trove of details I will read and apply to my business.

2. More importantly, thank you for showing respect to us Business Owners by calling us, Independent Professionals.


You, sir, have my deepest respect. 


Moving forward, should you or any of the employees from UW call or recognized us as Independent Professionals, and not Talent, you will bridge a huge cap and start a conversation where we will begin listening.


Again, Thank you!


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Hi sir,help me to get start my new journey as a freelancer 

Thank you  and God Bless

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