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Can I cancel a job and refund a client even after a partial payment has been deposited to my bank?

I would like to cancel a job with a client and refund this client. I have discovered the work is significantly more involved then  was led to believe. The client is unwilling to pay me significantly more then was agreed at the outset and keeps demanding endless changes.


I would like to cancel the job and move onto another client but I do not want the client to leave a negative review as I do not want to lose my 100% job score.

I have cancelled a job in the past before recieving money and it did not effect my job score as I believe a review carries little to no weight if money has not been earned.

How would I refund a client when the money is no longer available in my upwork account. Would I need to fund my Upwork account first and then refund the amount that way? If so how would I fund my Upwork account?

Thank you for your help!


Hi Simon,


Thanks for reaching out. You can wait to receive new funds on your account on new projects or our support team can receive the funds so we can credit them on your account, and then issue a refund to your client.


However, please keep in mind that even if a contract does not have earnings, clients can still leave private feedback which directly affects your JSS.

~ AJ
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