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New Freelancers

I just really feel as though Upwork is stacked against new freelancers. If you don't earn for 30 days, your profile is switched to "private" so although you can continue to apply for proposals and jobs, people can no longer find you in the search. It isn't as though new freelancers aren't trying to book their first job, it's that it is so competitive and very rare to even hear back from potential clients in the first place. You have to spend connects to make money, and for a new freelancer, it is somewhat of a fraught system. Not sure if I'm the only one who feels this way but freelance job boards are not friendly to newer freelancers in my own experience. Anyone have any input on this?

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I completely agree! I think only two of my dozen or more proposals have even been viewed, including on projects I would be a perfect fit for (though I realize I'm not the only perfect fit). I've applied for a range of projects from entry level to expert and underbid my worth trying to get my foot in the door. Nothing seems to help. I'm spending 12-16 connects each on proposals, and I've taken to signing in and sending a bunch of proposals over a few days, and then just disappearing for several months while my connects replenish. I feel like the connects should be refunded if the client doesn't even view your proposal. 

And then I see projects that budget $15 total to edit a 60,000-word book and have 20-50 people bidding on it, and I wonder if this is even the right place for me. I can't work for less than $1/hour.

Sorry, that sounds really bleak. I'm really more upbeat generally, but I'm feeling some of the same funk you are lately.

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Molly, I am absolutely with you when you say that it is unfair that you cannot be found through the search function. I don't really see any sense in that for a marketplace such as this. I mean, if someone wanted to set up a stall at a trade fair or crafts market, surely they wouldn't need to present their sales figures for the previous quarter. 


On the connects thing you will find some forum posts by me in other places, where I criticize the mismatch between job scope and number of connects, but I also have to say that the alternative -- paying for advertising in online or offline media -- would set you back as much if not more in terms of money thrown out the window. 


Wishing you good luck with your search. Persevere! We were all in the same situation once.

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Hang in there! Get really good at pitching, like really good. Like, really really really really good. You have to get them to see your vision. You have to get the client excited. That's key. Clients feed off of excitement. Focus on the first two lines of the proposal. Don't boost it. Be human. Don't add stuff that the client can already see without viewing your proposal. Just because they didn't view it, does not mean they did not see it.


I have been on Upwork for 100 days. I booked my first job in three days. I've now completed 11, and have 5 on going in various stages. I'm closing and booking every week. I have a 60 - 80% proposal view rate and have never (not even once) boosted a proposal. I've got a 88% JSS Score, we think its because a contract due date was missed due to a client having a death in the family and was gone from Upwork for a couple of weeks. Every client we've worked with has been ecstatic with their results, which brings me back to the beginning of my reply. 


Show excitement. Be human. Good luck!

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