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Proposals not getting viewed by clients

I'm not sure if the issue is with my profile only or if it's an issue for most freelancers on Upwork at the moment. I'm one of the top-rated freelancers here on Upwork. My success rate is 100%. Yet, I'm struggling to get a job/contract these days. Once, I used to be able to get a contract quite easily. Now, it's very difficult to get a contract, it seems. I was really surprised about what's happening. So, I checked my last few proposals and found that only 2 out of my last 10 proposals were seen by clients. That means, 80% of applications didn't even reach the client. That's alarming for a freelancer like me. Is Upwork aware of this issue? How can I overcome the issue?

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All freelancers are facing the same issue, including me. It's become too difficult to get the desired job.

I hope the situation improves soon.

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Hello Rashel,

As a freelancer there is nothing we can do about this issue. It totally depends on the recruiter the he/she want to reply or not. We can just do modification to the proposal time-to-time and make our proposal more informative according to job description.


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Hello Arjun,


Probably you didn't get my point. 2 out of my 10 applications were viewed by clients. I have no problem that those 2 persons/clients didn't reply. The main problem is that the other 8 applications weren't viewed by clients. If a client doesn't get my proposal, how may I expect that he/she may hire me? I could have got a contract if I could reach those clients, who knows !

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20% view rate is about what I have as well (depending on the week—sometimes much lower)—it's been going down steadily since sometime late last year. It's awful. Like you, I didn't used to have much trouble getting jobs here, and it was steadily improving, until it crashed completely.


As you say—if you can't get viewed, you can't get hired!


There are dozens and dozens of posts from other freelancers experiencing the same thing—almost daily, since the beginning of the year. Just scroll back through the forum and you'll find that unfortunately, lots of other experienced professionals have also seen Upwork dry up. It's no longer a place to make a living or even part of a living for many who are also Top Rated, 100% JSS.


You're experiencing something lots of people are also going through. Sorry—I know that's not of much help.

It's a horrible situation at the moment for contractors like me. I am not sure if Upwork is giving priority to contractors with paid subscription. 

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I am also experiencing the same issue here, 1 out of 9 proposals I submitted was view. I don't know if the problem is with Upwork or from the Client side, it frustrating

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Yes, I have the same issue. Only 4 proposals have been seen from 17 during 2 months. It seems I just spend my conntects just for nothing.

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That's really terrible, I can feel your pain.

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Anna H. Truly that's how am feeling right now like my connects was just for nothing. Am Oyewande S by the way. Nice meeting you 

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Yes, it has been getting worse every week. I didn't have any problems until six months ago, and although it was worse than last year, it has been extremely challenging for the past few months. Over the last three weeks, I have had zero profile views and I haven't received any invitations. Unfortunately, the situation is far from ideal, as the clients seem inexperienced and are seeking subservient individuals rather than experts.


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