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You know my first review was not that amazing as well. 
But I can see your profile in a good standing like 2 works are going on now. 

And, JSS score is different it is yet to come to your profile. 
The client's will not be able to see any score now. 

But one thing I can tell work on your portfolio it seems like screenshots from Upwork or something like that. Make it amazing. like best of best. It will help.

Once again, keep on pushing, as I mentioned my starting was not that well. 

And to understand how review work you might read this blog from me as well. 


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Hi Rahul, 


Thank you so much for the kind reply and for the advice. 

I just want to ask, once I get a JSS for example next year, will my first job get included in the computation? Or only the most recent jobs only?


Btw, I appreciate you bringing up your first job as well. I was afraid that I won't be able to find more jobs because of my first bad review since I have 0% recommendation

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> only the most recent jobs only?


Nobody know the exact formula but there is a "time window" on which the JSS is calculated. So if you don't get any other feedback after you get a bad one, the percentage will keep decreasing over time, when the previous good feedbacks are out of the window and the bad one affects the average more.


97% isn't bad at all.


There are freelancers with bad first job, or extremely bad JSS, can get another job.


So you shouldn't worry at all.


You'll find "strict" clients, or even the "careless" / "insensitive" ones, who will provide you with "bad" feedbacks.


Don't manipulate the feedbacks as that will put you in the wrong, and you don't know what the client will think if you ask them to write good feebacks.




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