Academy Frequently Asked Questions

What is Upwork Academy?

Upwork Academy is a library of information and resources that are available at any time, letting you explore and engage at your own pace. 


How is Upwork Academy different from Upwork Help and Resource center

Upwork Academy is a library of informational resources of all types which are designed to help you explore and engage at your own pace. 

Upwork Help articles, FAQs, and videos help with your questions about specific steps and processes on Upwork. Links to Help in-product help you use Upwork’s platform while you’re working, and you can also search specific questions in the Help search bar. 


The resource center and Upwork Academy both have content on a variety of topics that you can explore at any time. However, Upwork Academy will offer different formats of content including videos and interactive courses. As we develop more content, these courses will also build on each other so that you can create your own Academy  journey.


What can I do in Upwork Academy?

You can start your journey by going through an interactive course or by watching videos of past webinars and expert talks. After completing a course, you’ll also have the option to sign-up for group coaching and work directly with our Upwork Coaches.


Will more content be added to Upwork Academy?

Absolutely! Upwork Academy is still in development and we’re working on enhancements to help you build your business and succeed on Upwork. We’ll add additional courses, videos and articles to the Academy as it continues to grow.


I have heard about Upwork Academy, but I can’t find it on the Upwork website.

We’re currently sharing the link to access Upwork Academy on an invite-only basis while it’s in beta. But stay tuned! We hope to release this to all freelancers soon. 


Why can’t I see any of the courses?

  • You’ll need to log into Upwork Community to be able to see the Academy courses. If you don’t have an Upwork Community account, you can register for one in the upper right-hand corner of the webpage.
  • If you’re logged in but still having issues viewing the courses, it could be because of your internet and security settings. If you have the “iframe” blocked, you won’t be able to see the course. Instead, you’ll just see an empty page with the header, course title and footer.


The courses don’t seem to look right on my tablet/mobile device.

Great call out! While the courses are still functional on a mobile device, they are currently optimized for the desktop experience. We hope to create a more mobile friendly version soon, but for now we recommend completing Academy courses from a laptop or desktop computer.