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Generative AI 101
Learning Path
13 videos
approx. 1 hour
1 badge
Understanding generative AI
You'll learn:
  • What generative AI is
  • The basics of how it works
  • Some examples of how it is currently being used
Benefits and opportunities for professionals
You'll learn:
  • How to enhance your work
  • Opportunities for growing your skillset in AI
  • How professionals can use AI on Upwork
Benefits and opportunities for businesses
You'll learn:
  • How to integrate generative AI into your workflows
  • How another business uses ChatGPT
  • How clients can use AI on Upwork
Ethics and privacy
You'll learn:
  • Ethical and privacy considerations
  • Upwork's guidance for using AI
UP Next
You'll learn:
  • How generative AI is continuing to evolve
  • What other resources are available 
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