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Jul 10, 2023
Using AI to generate video content

Stan is a successful freelancer on Upwork who has been utilizing the new technology of generative AI to create video content. In this mini course, he shows you a demo of a tool he has used to create content for his own business and offers you a challenge for trying it yourself.





UP Next

Try creating a video of your own using generative AI that you can add to your Upwork Portfolio. This will show clients that you are keeping your skills current and continuing to learn.


This mini course was created by Stan S.

Stan-Slavev-Profile-SQ - Stanislav Slavev (1).jpg

Stan is a seasoned expert in delivering exceptional creative services to businesses seeking excellence for their brand. With over a decade of cutting-edge experience, he has collaborated with more than 300 global brands, generating well over $10M in sales.

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