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Get Profile Feedback from Experienced Freelancers on Upwork

Getting started on Upwork can take a lot of work and focus. To help make this process a little easier, we’ve created this post where you can request feedback on your profile. The community is full of experienced Upwork freelancers who are passionate about helping others. These users will review your profile and provide feedback based on their experience.


If you’re interested in requesting help, make sure your profile visibility is not set to “Private” and then reply below. 


We’re excited to see how Community members can continue to help each other to grow!


Note: A previous version of this post was closed as the number of responses made it difficult to read and navigate. If you had not received a response yet to a request you made, please post again in this thread.



Hi all,


This thread has been closed from further replies due to its size. We appreciate your participation in the Community and welcome you to continue the conversation on this new thread.


Thank you!


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Hi Sankalpa,


On Upwork, your profile is a critical tool to your success. It is a great way to demonstrate your skills and experience. Leveraging it to its full potential may help you differentiate yourself from other freelancers and improve the likelihood of getting hired. Here are some of the items successful freelancers incorporate into their profiles below:
  • Build your profile: This is your chance to showcase your skills and experience to potential clients. Complete your profile, including your work history, education, and a description of your services.
  • Build a strong portfolio: Your portfolio may help impress potential clients with real-life examples of your skills and expertise. Add any projects you’ve completed in the past to help you showcase your skills.
  • Network with clients: Establish good relationships by delivering quality work on time and communicating effectively. This can help you secure repeat business and new opportunities in the future.
  • Bid on projects: When you find a project you're interested in, submit a proposal outlining why you're the best candidate for the job. Make sure to tailor your proposal to the specific project and client.
Still need to figure out where to begin on Upwork? These resources can point you in the right direction:
With these steps, you'll be on your way to success.
Good luck!
~ Joanne
Community Member

Hello Upwork community, 

Please review my profile and give feedback 

Community Member

Hello Solaria,


It looks like you are getting started with your profile. The first part of your overview/summary sounds okay, but you have to give potential clients more information. Clients want to know a little about your background and the services you provide. Then, they want to know how your services will meet their needs or solve their problem.


Since you are new to Upwork, make sure your profile is 100% complete before applying to jobs. At a minimum, you should go through the following short Academy Courses and Learning Paths:


Community Member

Hello Community,

I want some suggestions on how I can improve my profile. 

I am sending proposals but ain't getting jobs. Can you please quickly look into my profile and give a review?


Community Member

Hello Ritam,


I looked through your profile and I have a few suggestions to help improve it:


Photo: The first thing you should do is change your profile photo. The picture in your photo should be a close-up image of your head and shoulders that clearly shows your face--without sunglasses. Read through Upwork's best practices for How to Choose A Good Profile Picture.


Overview/Summary: Your main profile summary has good information, but I think you should reveal the types of things you can provide to potential clients. You do a good job of this in your Data Visualization specialized profile. If you can take some of those same deliverables (i.e., dashboards, reports, forms, etc.) and talk about them in your main profile summary, I think that will help clients better understand what they're getting.


Then, you can tell clients why it matters. Meaning, if you can generate these great reports, dashboards, etc., how will it help the client? Does it streamline business operations? Does it improve productivity? Does it reduce the amount of time their project managers spend developing reports? The answers to questions like these can help a client better understand why they should hire you, what they will get, and how it will benefit them.


Portfolio: Your portfolio looks good, but you should add skill categories to each item. Similar to your overall profile, you can add skills to portfolio items. Also similar to your profile, the skills attached to your portfolio items helps clients can find you when they search for those skills, and when Upwork’s matching algorithms are trying to match you with relevant jobs.


Your certifications are great, and your skills list, project catalog, and employment history look good.


Finally, it's been difficult for many (if not most) freelancers to get jobs lately. There are several different reasons why, but keep applying to jobs by writing great cover letters. Always create a custom cover letter based on the client's specific job requirements. Focus on the client's needs and requirements; highlight your qualifications; and tell the client how you will meet their needs.


Good luck!

Community Member

Hi Upwork community! Please give feedback to my profile as i am new to Upwork and I didn't find any job yet! 

Your profile looks good It takes time to get clients on new profiles keep proposing every day.

Thank you 

Community Member

Hello Andrea, I would appreciate you reviewing my profile and letting me know if there are any changes needed Despite sending many proposals, none have been accepted, Please advise me


The first two sentences of your write-up are rhetorical. Rhetorical questions are questions that everyone already knows the answer to. So why would you ask that? It's a waste of time. Start your profile with "I am an expert ..."

Or "I am a highly effective _____ ..." 

Skip the rhetorical questions and delete "Look no further." You're not about to be hired by a child. An adult would be somewhat insulted by having you say "Look no further," as if they had to be told where to look or what to do.

Community Member

Hello Upwork Community,


As a freelancer on Upwork, I have been working hard to establish my presence and offer my services effectively. I would greatly appreciate feedback from experienced freelancers in this community regarding my profile and projects.


You can find my Upwork profile HERE  to review. In addition to my profile, I have created seven projects that showcase the services I offer, and I believe they effectively represent my skills and expertise.


If you could kindly provide feedback on both my profile and the projects I have created, I would be truly grateful. I am eager to learn and improve, and your insights will be invaluable in refining my offerings.


Thank you in advance for your time and assistance. I look forward to receiving your feedback and benefiting from your expertise.




Community Member

Hello Sakel,


I think your profile is in really good shape. I have only two suggestions:


Title: The word "remote" isn't necessary for your title. You don't want Upwork to pickup on an extra word that is irrelevant to the services you provide.


Overview/Summary: I often recommend freelancers remove greetings from their summaries: "Welcome to my creative services!" Why? Because the first two sentences of your summary are shown to clients in searches. You only have a small window of opportunity (two sentences) to make a positive impression, and you don't want to waste space with a greeting. Greetings are nice, but you definitely want to think about the amount of space it takes--especially when clients are quick to read and ignore a profile if they don't read something interesting.


Project Catalog: I think your catalog looks great. Everything appears to be setup nicely and each project has a well-written description. Your projects should receive postitive attention--especially since you used lots of colorful screenshots, including one with Mr. Beast. Good move!


Employment History: Add a short job description to your job at Commencons. This is important for any jobs that are relevant to the services you provide on Upwork.


Everything else looks great.

Community Member

Thank you for your valuable feedback on my profile. I appreciate your suggestions and will implement them to enhance my profile. Your insights have been incredibly helpful, and I'm excited to make these improvements. Thank you for taking the time to review my profile and provide such valuable input.

Community Member

Hello Upwork Community, 

I'm new to Upwork platform and I'm excited to know how to work on Upwork platform and how to improve my profile to get the job. Please help me to know more. I request you to review my profile.


First thing to do is clean up the mistaken paragraph breaks. When people hire writers, they want letter-perfect copy. If you can't get your summary written properly, it's going to be tough to get a job.


Second, you should not say you are here seeking an opportunity .... that makes it sound like you are looking for a client who will help you by providing an opportunity.

That sends the wrong message. What you want to say is "I am here to help you." You don't want to send out the message "Please help me." You are here to help -- not your clients.



Community Member

Hey Upwork Community! Can I please have some feedback on my profile? Havent been able to land jobs at all.


Community Member

Hi Zoraiz,


The first thing I noticed about your profile is the way you start your overview/summary. It sounds good, but it doesn't provide clients the valuable information they need. Clients come to Upwork looking for results. When they search for freelancers, they want to find someone who can help them get those results. Clients expect to read about your skills and qualifications, but they really want to know how your skills/qualifications will benefit them.


Here is what I suggest: Revise the first paragraph of your summary to sound more like your second paragraph. Why? Because the first two sentences of your summary are shown to clients when they search for freelancers. This means you have a very small window of opportunity (just two sentences) to make an impression. Since clients care about results, you need to tell them--within those first two sentences--what you can do for them.


Also, don't mention your age or being new to Upwork or building a reputation for yourself. Clients don't care about any of those things; they only care about how you can help them. I would probably rewrite your first paragraph by saying something like this:


I'm an accomplished Content/Article Writer who can write blogs, articles, and other content on a variety of topics. I can write about everything from the latest trends in health and fitness to business administration and supply chain management. I focus intently on telling a story by writing high-quality content that your readers will enjoy.


Everything else in your profile looks fine.


Keep applying for jobs that match your qualifications by writing great cover letters. Write a custom cover letter based on the client's job:


1) Acknowledge the job you are applying for.

2) Highlight your qualifications.

3) Address specific points in the job by explaining how you can meet their needs or solve their problem.

4) Request the client reach out to discuss or request an Upwork Zoom call to go through their requirements.


Good luck!

Community Member

I appreciate the kind feeback. Thankyou!

Community Member

Hi, I'm new to freelancing. Hope you can help me learn things. Thanks


You need to figure out a service you can provide to people over the internet and it is highly recommended that you be an expert in that service.

For instance, you say you love reading and writing. But that's not how you sell writing. You say "I am an expert writer with professional experience who can ______________________________." 

There is no service that comes with the word "Foodie" unless you think someone is going to pay you to eat. You say you have a "creative mind," but don't point out any professional service you have done in which creatiity is an important assett.

You have to think of a service you want to sell in which you have skills that are competititive in today's market.

Community Member

Hello Upwork Community, 

I'm new to Upwork platform and I'm excited to know how to work on Upwork platform and how to improve my profile to get the job. Please help me to know more. I request you to review my profile.


Mary Grace,

That's a fair start, even though I dislike lists. 


That said, there is very little in the way of a narrattive at all. Your write-up is almost entirely written as several lists.


Could you add one or two paragraphs that add more credibility to your profile. For example, you would say, "I worked in two banks, balancing their books and ensuring they could meet regulatory expectations."

Or you might say, "I have worked with dozens of small companies to help them get ready for tax compliance ..."


In short, tell us the story of you as an accountant. It gives people a chance to know you better than long, dry, boring lists.

Community Member

Hello everyone!

My name is Wanda. I am a Data Entry Specialist and aspiring Virtual Assistant, new to Upwork. My profile is at 100% but I am sure that it can be improved. Your valuable insights will be much appreciated. Thanks so much!



Your profile write-up starts out strong, then it kind of fizzles into a few common mistakes.


Here are my thoughts.


"In addition to my administrative skills, I have a background in e-commerce through running my own Etsy store. This experience has given me valuable insights into online business operations, including product listings, inventory management, and customer service."


Thoughts: Your clients are not interested in you having insights or not having insights. They aren't paying for that. However, if you said, "I can provide services involving product listings, inventory management and customer service," that sounds more to the point. That's what they are paying for, so stick with that and forget about the insights for now.




"Furthermore, I am familiar with graphic design tools like Canva and Kittle, enabling me to create visually appealing content for social media and marketing materials."




Look, you either have professional skills in graphic designs or you don't. In this manner, you can avoid talking about aesthetics if you want, but "I am familiar with ..." is very weak. Tell them you can do it or don't mention it. As such, say, "I can produce graphic images using a variety of effective applications ..." But don't hem and haw. "I am familiar with" sounds like you're not ready to work in graphic design, but you don't mind hinting at it. That's not fair to your clients. Either you have the chops or you don't. Don't tease the clients. Be straight with them.


"Here are the key strengths and skills I bring to the table: Strong attention to detail and organizational abilities. Proficiency in data entry, transcription, and administrative tasks."


Thoughts: Don't say "administrative tasks." Spell them out. Which tasks do you mean? It sounds like you're hiding behind your vagueness here. People will pay you money for specific tasks, not for ones you don't even name.


"Experience in e-commerce, including product listings and customer service,"


Thoughts: "Experience in ... " is like "Familiar with ..." Hey, are you or are you not skilled enough to sell to someone this service? If so, then "experrience in ..." is not strong enough. Either you can provide great product listings and great customer service or you can't. If you can, say so and tell us why. "I do top-notch product listings that will help your products appeal to the general audience." 

Don't just say you have experience in something. Tell us why that matters. 


"Knowledge of software applications like Microsoft Excel, Word, Google Docs, and Google Drive. Familiarity with online platforms such as YouTube, Facebook, and LinkedIn. Graphic design skills using tools like Canva and Kittle."


This is the same thing. It's a bit vague ... you have skills in applications like Microsoft Excel or specifically in Microsoft Excel. And tell us why this matters. "My expertise in Microsoft Excel, Word, Google Docs and Google Drive puts me in the driver's seat in basic administrative tasks that involve communicating with customers and others. 


Again, don't say you have experience with tools "like" Canva and Kittle." Tell us assertively, "I have experince with Canva and Kittle and ______ and _____."


You also don't have to (and therefore probably should not) say you have enthusiasm and a positive attitude. If your write-up is enthusiastic and positive, then telling your readers you are positive and enthusiastic just sounds fooolish. We can see your enthusiasm. We can feel the positive vibe. Trust your customers. They are grown ups. They know what enthusiams looks like. You don't have to hit them on the head with this stuff.

Hope this helps. Much of your summary is great ... just needs an adjustment or two.

Hi Anthony,


Thank you for your critical feedback. I truly appreciate it, and it's the little kick up the *** I needed. I must admit that I struggle with insecurity, which is why my profile may come across as vague.


I want to express my gratitude for your suggestions. I will take the time over the weekend to make the necessary tweaks to my profile and implement your recommendations.


Once again, thank you for your valuable input. It means a lot to me.

Hi Anthony,


I'm sorry to be a bother. If you perhaps have time, would you mind taking a look again? I've implemented some changes, but now I'm not sure if I implemented everything correctly, and perhaps I just made everything worse.

Thank you. I really appreciate it. 

Community Member

Please can you guide me? I'm totally new here and I have no idea of what to do 

Community Member

Since you are new to Upwork, make sure your profile is 100% complete before applying to jobs. At a minimum, you should go through the following Academy Courses and Learning Paths:


Community Member

Please review my Upwork profile and give me some suggestions to get the first job thank you


Community Member



Your profile has some good information, but you should remove the first few words in your overview/summary. See screenshot:



Why? Because the greeting and your name serve no purpose for the client. The first two sentences of your summary are shown to clients when they search for freelancers. You want those first two sentences to be strong and make an impression on clients. Besides, clients can already see your name on your profile.


The rest of your profile is fine.


Keep applying to jobs by writing great cover letters. Always create a custom cover letter based on the client's specific job requirements. Focus on the client's needs and requirements; highlight your qualifications; and tell the client how you will meet their needs.


Good luck!

Community Member

thanks for your valuable  review

Community Member

"Hello Upwork community, I'm looking for suggestions on improving my Upwork profile.

Olalekan O. - Expert in Email Marketing || Newsletters || Workflows || Landing page - Upwork Freelan...

I sent many proposals but did not get a job. Please review my profile and give feedback.

Community Member

Hello Olalekan,


I think your profile has a good information. It appears to be 100% complete and I think clients will find enough information to decide if they should hire you.


Just keep applying for jobs that match your qualifications by writing great cover letters. Write a custom cover letter based on the client's job: 1) acknowledge the job you are applying for; 2) highlight your qualifications; 3) explain how you will solve their problem; and finally, 4) request they contact you to discuss their project.


Good luck!

Community Member

I have been encountering difficulties on Upwork, struggling to secure any projects despite my persistent efforts.

Over the past months, I have dedicated significant time and energy to refine my profile, optimize my proposals, and enhance my skillset. However, I have not yet been fortunate enough to receive any project offers. As a result, I find myself feeling disheartened and in need of guidance.

I am aware that Upwork is a competitive platform with talented professionals from around the world, each vying for their share of opportunities. However, I firmly believe that with the right guidance and support, I can overcome these challenges and demonstrate my true potential as a freelancer.

With that in mind, I would greatly appreciate any advice or recommendations you may have to help me improve my chances of securing projects on Upwork. Perhaps you could share insights into the qualities clients seek in freelancers or provide suggestions on how I can further enhance my profile and proposals. Additionally, if there are any resources, forums, or communities you would recommend for learning and networking, I would be extremely grateful.

I want to emphasize my dedication and willingness to put in the necessary effort to succeed on Upwork. I understand that it requires persistence, adaptability, and a commitment to continuous improvement. I am open to constructive feedback and eager to learn from those who have achieved success in the freelance marketplace.

Thank you for taking the time to read my message and consider my request. Your guidance and support would mean a great deal to me and would serve as a source of motivation to continue pursuing my goals on Upwork. I look forward to your response and the possibility of embarking on a successful journey as a freelancer.

Warmest regards,

Community Member

Hi Sajjad,


Yes--Upwork is very competitive and clients have been reluctant to spend as much as they have in the past. Those things--along with a few others--is why so many freelancers are having problems finding jobs. Even Top-Rated and Top-Rated Plus—are finding it difficult to get profile views and responses to their proposals over the past 6 months.


One of the best ways to get support, is through these Forums. The Freelancers Forum is extremely active and most questions/concerns are answered by experienced freelancers or Upwork's Moderators.


Since you are new to Upwork, be sure to click the Academy link at the top of the screen and dive into the Courses and Learning Paths. Once you learn more about the Upwork platform, things will be much clearer. Then, read Upwork Sample Profiles and Best Practices for more ideas on improving your profile. Finally, read through How To Create a Proposal That Wins Jobs.


I looked through your profile and everything looks good. Your overview/summary uses a good approach and your skills, portfolio, consultation, and employment history are fine.


Keep applying for jobs by writing great cover letters; hopfully, you will win some jobs soon.


Good luck!

Community Member

Hi everyone  Plz help me to get a job i have only 9 connects left😓 still no project..

Community Member

Hi Sarwat,


Other freelancers can't really help you get jobs. However, I looked at your profile and I have a few suggestions that might help improve it.


I think your overview/summary has good information, but I suggest you remove the greeting and your name from the first sentence. Also, instead of saying you have "pretty good experience," you should be more assertive and tell clients that you have great experience. Finally, you should add some spaces between paragraphs to make your summary easier for clients to read.


For example:


I'm a highly skilled Social Media Manager and Content Designer who can manage your most important social media campaigns. I specialize in providing social media management, social media content creation, social media post design, ad content design, social media covers, thumbnails, video ads, social media page creation and management, content calendar creation, animated content creation, PDF conversions, and designing brochures, flyers, and logos.

My key strengths include social media business page creation and management, and helping you reply to comments and queries, grow your pages, increase organic reach, and creating reports.

Social media channels I cover:
◉ Facebook
◉ Instagram
◉ Twitter
◉ LinkedIn
◉ Pinterest
◉ Tiktok

I can work during US/UK hours and I am always seeking new opportunities to utilize my social media management knowledge and skills. My goal is to achieve client satisfaction through my skills and quality work.

Contact me and let's talk about your needs and how I can help. Thanks a lot for your valuable time.


The other areas of your profile look good.


It has been difficult for a lot of freelancers to get projects. But hopeufully, after you receive your 10 free Connects next month, you can apply for a win some jobs.


Good luck!

Community Member



Would appreciate it if you can review my profile and suggest improvements.






Hello Faisal,


I reviewed your profile and I think it looks and sounds good. You might want to consider adding a small portfolio with short writing samples. Other than that, everything in your profile looks good.


Just keep applying to jobs by writing great cover letters and hopefully you will get some invites and win some jobs soon.

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