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New here? Please introduce yourself!

Hey all!


Welcome to the Upwork Community! Check out this list of Upwork Community offerings and explore how you can participate, attend events, learn best practices, and become even more successful with Upwork.


To kick start your community journey, we recommend introducing yourself to your fellow. Using the questions we’ve provided (or a style all your own), reply to this post and tell us a little about yourself!


  1. What field do you work in, and where are you located?
  2. What are you hoping to learn from other members? 
  3. What (or who) inspires you?


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Community Member

Thank you for this thread to get connected with community members. 

I am new to Upwork and freelancing overall, and very excited to start my journey in freelancing world.
I am Computer Science Engineer with industrial experience of 10 years in startups as well as MNC and now changing my career path to full time freelancing.

I have worked in different areas of software development till now like android development, web scraping, data science, system desiging, creating end to end solutions starting from designing the system and develope it so as to have it scheduled in pipeline to get fresh work done in atomated way and building monitoring system to generate alerts. I am hoping to get exposure to solve vareity of problems and work on different technologies here. 

Thank you again for this amazing forum to stay feel connected.


Community Member

Hey, this is Sumra a Treasury and cash management professional, with a finance degree having expertise in financial modelling, financial and business analysis, a researcher and an academic writer. I'm from Karachi, Pakistan, looking forward to having guidance from seniors working on upwork.






Community Member


I am Jillur, and I am currently in Saudi Arabia. I am working at a company called Abdullah Al Othaim Markets as a computer operator.

I have expertise on SEO to share and take care of a client to grow their business.

Thank you.

Hello there,

Best wishes for the journey. 

Community Member

Hi. i'm new here.

My name is Phebe. I'd like to find a writing job that would allow me to use my writing skills. This is my first time doing something like this and so i'm not sure if i'm good at it, but i would love to try.

Please help me out.

Community Member


My name is Valijon and I'm Graphic designer. I've been working as designer for quite a long time but I'm new to Upwork. And I think even here possible to find friends with whome you can collaborate productively. 

I'm open to communication and collaboration)

Write me)


Community Member

HI. My name is Eyam, a mechanical engineer resident in Nigeria, and am here seeking work as a seasoned building services design engineer.  Though new to freelancing and I hope to be taught the ropes by members of this community. 

Community Member

Good evening  am Donnette D   I'm living in Jamaica  am hoping  to learn from other members to become  a successful  freelancer  who has never done this before but eager to learn new things and meet new people I was introduce to this platform  by a friend  and teacher 

Community Member

Hello feel free to checkout my profile. I'm here to serve you better 👍 

Community Member

I need a job, and I have many skills in translation, and I need a job 

Community Member

Hello everyone,

I am MD. Shuvo 

As we know, Upwork is not just a platform; it's an active ecosystem where countless individuals come together to establish connections, build dreams, and create success stories. Today, I want to shed light on the power of those apparently small actions that jointly shape the grand arras of our community.

Imagine a world where every keystroke, every line of code, every written word, and every designed pixel is a brushstroke on the canvas of progress. That's the world we inhabit on Upwork. The upwork community is a place where newcomers are always warmly welcomed. I am one of them.

I am new to Upwork. Nice to meet you all. 

Hopefully, we can share our talent with each other like root of a tree.

Thank you all

Shuvo M. 

Hello Shuvo M.,

Welcome to Upwork! It's wonderful to see your enthusiasm for being part of this dynamic community. Upwork indeed brings together a diverse range of talents and skills, creating a collaborative environment where individuals can contribute to and benefit from the collective success of the community.

As you embark on your journey here, don't hesitate to explore, connect, and share your expertise. The Upwork community is filled with opportunities for learning and growth, and the support from fellow freelancers can be invaluable.

Feel free to reach out if you have any questions or if there's anything specific you'd like assistance with. Wishing you success and fulfillment in your endeavors on Upwork!

Best regards,
Malik Rizwan

Beautiful imagination of the world comparing it to a canvas for progress.

Community Member

 I am a new freelancer I passionate with this remote job 

Community Member

expert in data entry but am also a good article writer located in Nairobi kenya, like you all know am new here so a few tips to get fantastic around are welcomed. i am my personal inspiration


Community Member

Dear all,


I am Thu Rein from Myanmar. As some of you may already know, Myanmar has been facing significant challenges for a while now. Unfortunately, these difficulties have also affected my job and income, leaving me in a tough situation. I am in need of finding alternative ways to earn money in order to support my family, as we are living in poverty. That is why I turned to Upwork with hope. However, I am currently experiencing difficulties in verifying my ID. The verification section on my phone only provides the option for a passport, which I do not possess at the moment. Instead, I have a government-issued ID and a driver's license. If it would be possible to include these options in the ID verification section, it would greatly assist people like me in Myanmar.


Thank you.

Community Member

I am honored to introduce myself to upwork community, Apparently, I am a diagnostic laboratory consultant, data analyst , Mental health advisor, and scientific &archeological Author ..

I hope to add my experience through this valuable community in the field of data analysis and how can I create a successful project.

Community Member

Hello, I'm Agnes, Graphic Designer from the Philippines for a very long time now. I just recently started and activated my  Upwork account. Still learning how Upwork freelancing works, and definitely need a support, advise and tips to get me on track. 

I've been in designing industry for a very long time now as I am employed before in a multi-national company for almost 30 years, from abroad and here in the Philippines. I've gained so much experiences with all graphic tools like Adobe Creative Suits & now CC. Woked with different collaterals, marketing materials like Flyers, Brochures, Company Stantionery, Magazines for Printing, e-Book, Large print wall & standee banners, Logo designs, Packaging, Product Design, Online & Social media banners for ad promotions & more. I also do creatives like personal caricature, visual art in paintings, using water color and acrylics paints as a medium.

I recently started freelancing work as Graphic Designer and would love to gain a good client from here in Upwork. I pray that you can help me get started with this new journey with Upwork.


Community Member

Hi everyone, I'm Irene. I'm working Graphic Design.


I'm hope can learn more and more in other people, and hope me can find more job to design, one is take more design experience and second is can extra earn.


So, if anyone want to design something, you can try to find me and I will try my best to help you to design as you want, and can discuss together about the design as you want.


And here is my portfolio, hope guys can like it and find me.


Thank you.

Community Member

1.Presently I do wedding work in which I do wedding highlights, wedding reels and editing of event videos.

2.I can work better and earn money

3.The increasing craze of editing, I feel that I can help people by editing their videos.


Community Member

Hi Everyone,


I am new here. My name is Roviany I am from Indonesia and I looking for a job. I used to work on creating database schemas, tables, writing SQL side mostly using Postgresql Someothers database tools that I've ever used as well are Oracle sql developer, My sql Workbench, and SSMS in order to build website applications.

I've also ever worked using Autodesk Autocad 2D for assisting to convert manual sketch design to be on .dwg file. Currently I am learning about Figma I hope with it so I can design the website application even design a mobile application as I look the basic form quite similar with Autocad. 

I am hoping within members of this group can help each others for sharing any information, any jobs and so on.

The one who inspire is my friend. He gives me support to find a job.


Nice to meet you Everyone, Thank you and Don't Give Up!




Community Member

Greetings everyone,my name is Paul Nonso,I specialize in typing, pdf, file conversion,data entry etc. hope I will get an opportunity to show my typing expertise @one time job ( fixed project) thank you 

Community Member

Hallo, Mrs Andre G


I'm Giovis Sigfredo Caraciola i'm 28 years old from Indonesia. My experience is that I once worked at Siloam Hospitals as a cashier and then I was also an operations manager at an FnB company, then now I want to try something new in my life by joining Upwork, hopefully there will be an opportunity for me to develop my skills. I master Microsoft Office well and I can also speak English quite well. 

i hope I want to be able to do what other people share with me well in my work so that I can also do it well. I was inspired by a mother who gave birth to me. I just want to be a responsible man in my family.

Community Member

Hello! Everyone I'm newly here, I find some works for part time, and I want to learn more about you. I hope can we help each others .


Thank you so much

Community Member

My names are Ude Odiakosa. I am a voiceover artist based in Lagos Nigeria 

Community Member

Heyyy, I am Shashikant from India (Maharashtra). I work on video editing , amv's . I m not experienced tho , i m in the search of job and i really don't know how to get a job in upwork. Can you help me ??


Community Member

Hello, my name is Jason and I am a new Wordpress developer from Ohio! I'm very happy to be a member of Upwork and look forward to getting to know and learn from everyone here. I want to be the best developer I can be and I'm sure I will get some great advice and hopefully be able to give some as well eventually! I am inspired by anyone who has the courage to be themselves and go after whatever it is they are passionate about.

Community Member

Hello l am new here and would love to get your assisting in getting a job here

Community Member



**Edited for Community Guidelines**

Community Member

I'm new to upwork and I really need a job. 

I'm fairly experienced at freelancing.

I proofread, edit and write scripts.

All kinds of scripts.

But I do not know how to navigate this site.

I'm Professional SEO Expert.

Addesns Experts

Community Member

Hi I am Sharlene. Nice to be here. Looking forward to landings perfect job as a freelancer.

Hi, I'm Murat. I am new, me too. Actually, Already I don't take an any job. I work to understand these 🙂

I think, we necessary complete connections. But I think so, we do action with together. 

For example, complete the requirements. Of course, I'm not sure 😞

Murat Kaya

Hi Murat. You will apply jobs based on the task of your preference or what you can do

Yeah, I do.

But It wasn't be work, yet.


Murat Kaya

You have to have a skills or anything that a client would need, build your profile and work on your portfolio. There's a chance. I am also new here since September 2023 I started to build my profile now I've already taken 19 jobs already. Keep on researching also about the platform. There's so many scam posting and scam clients beware.

Ofcourse, thank you

Murat Kaya
Community Member

Hi Andrea G

I am a data entry Specialist .I am new in this online platform. So there are many thing to know from you. My family inspire me to job in this site.

Community Member

Hello there,

My name is Uchenna Sunday, I am a voice-over talent, and I am not particularly new to Upwork since I have been here for about 3 years. However, I most definitely must be doing something wrong or not doing something at all as I have not gotten a single talent from Upwork ever. I actually believe I do really good voice-overs.
I need help guys... Please, help me... anybody.

Community Member

Hello everyone! My name is Victoria, I'm from Honduras and this is my first time looking for a job through up-work! I'd like to know how to identify possible clients ?? Because I spent my connects without receiving any offert . 

thank you 

Hi Victoria, I am new as well and I have used 2 rounds of connects. I am hopeful we will get there soon! Good luck to you


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