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thank you it is very helpful

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Josephine T Member Since: May 10, 2011
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but i run out of time, so i guess gonna sign out for a moment and read this all tomorrow. thanks to he post.
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Tapas Kumar D Member Since: May 6, 2011
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Its a most valuable tips for the new comers like me. It is sure that nothing can be happened in day or moment. We have to go for it full with our effort. There is sure a wining stand there for all hard comforting new comers
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S M M Member Since: May 14, 2011
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Hi Naomi: At the end of your article you said it was long. I thought wow it finished like a paragraph! As I was reading I was changing my profile too. I learned a lot from it and only a thanks would be unfair. I'm grateful. :) Will it be a burden if I ask you to visit my profile and suggest me a line or two? Regards, Mahmud
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Nooh N Member Since: May 1, 2011
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you gave some good advices about coverletters .thanx alot
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Sachin B Member Since: May 21, 2011
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Thanks dude, It is really nice. I am also new on O desk . I think it will helpful for me.
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Harriet M Member Since: May 19, 2011
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hello, i am new in ODESK and i dont know how it works when actually, i already filled up every profile they ask to fill me up. they ask me to submit a valid i.d & account which is i dont have because im still a student. what should i do about this?? please help me to complete my resume. thank you. cuteeharsh
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Ileana Madalina P Member Since: May 29, 2011
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Thank you so much! i spent my first day around here completely clueless until i read this haha
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Fatima I Member Since: May 21, 2011
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thnx 4 ur post.its realy help me
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Marco Angelo P Member Since: May 11, 2011
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Thanks for this post, I found new ideas on how to get started working on ODesk! I'm newbies here and I know there's a lot of work things to do, to improve and make my profile more deserving to be hired. Please can you check my profile, coz I want to know what are the things I need to change or improve. Thanks and more power 🙂
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Caridad P Member Since: Apr 12, 2011
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thank you it is very helpful for a newbie like me!