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Connects for Interviews Won

Community Manager

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This week, we are making two significant changes: we are no longer awarding free Connects for every interview won, and we are no longer disclosing the number of Connects rewarded in these cases. 


Unfortunately, we learned from our community that some were gaming the system to earn free Connects. Since we want to ensure Connects end up with those following our guidelines on Upwork, we felt the change was necessary. 


In not sharing the amount of Connects freelancers receive, we hope that will deter people from gaming the system to get free Connects. Additionally, we occasionally may give out different amounts of Connects based on factors like the number of jobs available in the marketplace.


We do want to specifically call out when freelancers win an interview and aren’t awarded any Connects, it’s not because of their proposal, profile, or anything on their end.


There are still opportunities to win free Connects, and although we can’t share all the details when Connects are given out, here’s what we can share. 

  • Freelancers receive 40 free Connects when they register for Upwork for the first time
  • Freelancers receive 30 free Connects if they earn a Rising Talent badge
  • Freelancers receive free Connects (the number may vary) when they win an interview with an established client on Upwork
  • Freelancers get a one-time Connects bonus if they complete an Upwork Skill Certification


To share feedback or ask questions, join the Community discussion for Connects for Interviews Won.