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GST for freelancers/agencies in India

Community Manager

Upwork is now collecting General Service Tax (GST) Identification Numbers for freelancers and agencies located in India. We are not currently implementing any tax collection. The GST rules in India are complex, and Upwork is currently working to determine how the GST rules apply to all Indian freelancer and agency transactions being facilitated through Upwork’s platform. At this time, we are only collecting GST ID Numbers. 


We have sent an email to freelancers and agencies located in India notifying them of this update. If you have a GST ID number, we ask you to click the link provided in the email to update your taxpayer identification information. Or you can input the information by going to your “User Settings” and then “Tax Information.” Once you input your taxpayer identification number, this system will confirm that we have received your number.  The system will also let you respond to indicate that you do not have a GST ID number if you are not registered.


If you have any questions about GST or Tax IDs, we recommend that you consult a tax advisor to determine how the law applies in your specific case.