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Increasing Transparency in Boosted Proposals

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Our team recently launched a test to increase transparency around bidding in Boosted Proposals to help you make a more informed decision around spending Connects.


Within this test, about half of freelancers on the platform will see live data on Boosted Proposals bids, which they may use to inform their bidding decisions. Additionally, freelancers in the test will gain greater insight into tiebreakers. When two bids come in at the same amount, the bid that came in first wins the higher spot. As seen in the image below.


Screen Shot 2022-09-22 at 3.03.34 PM.png


Using this information, freelancers can make a more informed decision about if they want to boost a proposal and, if they do, what they should spend. 


Not sure how Boosted Proposals works? You can read more about this feature in our product update.


With this new release, we want to ensure we share the big picture goal for Boosted Proposals: to help provide more opportunities for qualified freelancers. Many of the Connects spent on Boosted Proposals are from Connects earned for free, and we are consistently looking for more opportunities to give away Connects to qualified freelancers.  


We also acknowledge there have been many questions about Boosted Proposals' success rate. We continue to monitor, evaluate, and examine all data points to ensure Boosted Proposals continues performing positively for freelancers.


To share feedback or ask questions, join our Community discussion.

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