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New Feature Mid-Job Feedback


We are releasing a new feature that introduces mid-job feedback into contracts. Clients will soon be able to leave public feedback for freelancers while a contract is ongoing. This feedback helps freelancers share the progress of a job and have it reflected in their work history before a contract has ended. 


Why we made this change:

Gathering feedback on a contract only when the contract ends leads to a delay in gathering feedback on longer-term contracts. We hear from our customers that contracts are being closed for the sole purpose of providing feedback. Freelancers want feedback reflected in their work history and request clients to end contracts to provide feedback. This desire for feedback has led to unnecessary closure of contracts, and we would like to address the issue by facilitating optional public feedback throughout the contract (rather than only at the end of the contract). We also believe that multiple public feedback touchpoints will better communicate the progress of long-term ongoing contracts and reduce the number of contracts that close with no public feedback. We're also considering how we can incorporate mid-contract feedback into Job Success Scores (JSS), but for now, this feedback will not factor into your JSS.

How it works:

Public feedback (not private feedback) will be able to be provided from the client to the freelancer without ending a contract. Assuming the eligibility criteria noted below are met, a client will proactively be able to provide this feedback, OR a freelancer will be able to request feedback from the client. When a freelancer requests feedback, clients will have 14 days to provide the feedback. 

If feedback is not provided within this timeframe, the request expires, and a freelancer can submit another request assuming the eligibility criteria continue to be met. (We’re gradually rolling feedback requests out to freelancers. All clients will have the option to leave mid-job feedback, but only select freelancers will see the request feedback button at this time.)


Eligibility Criteria: Feedback can be requested by the freelancer or provided by the client if the following criteria are met:

  • 30 days have passed since the start of the contract 
  • There was a payment on the contract in the previous 30 days
  • Feedback has not been provided in the past  30 days (using the date that the feedback was last provided, not the date that the feedback was requested)

Here are details about the new experience from both freelancer and client views. Only public feedback is gathered from the client as part of this mid-contract feedback flow. When feedback is provided, it will be shown in a freelancer’s work history. There are no impacts to JSS since mid-job feedback does not impact JSS.



All feedback provided on a given contract (mid-contract and end-of-contract feedback) will be shown in a new Feedback tab of the Contract Room for both clients and freelancers.

Mid Job 1.png

Feedback will also be displayed in freelancers’ work history under the active contract.

Mid Job 3.png


The new flow is detailed below

Freelancer View (currently only select freelancers): If eligibility criteria are met, freelancers have a “Request Feedback” option in the new Feedback tab of the Contract Room.

Mid Job 5.png

Client View: Clicking “Request Feedback” triggers an email and Dash message to the client with a request for feedback. 

Mid Job 4.png

Client View: Clients fill out this form to provide mid-contract feedback. The form includes only public feedback and not private feedback.

Mid Job 6.png

Client View: Alternatively, when eligibility criteria is met, clients can choose to proactively provide feedback by clicking the “Give Feedback” button in the Feedback tab or in the overflow menu of the Contract Room. Clicking this 

Mid Job 7.png