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New Loom Integration in Messages Makes Communication Easier

Community Manager

We’d like to share a new integration that has been added to Upwork Messages, it’s called Loom. It’s a tool that allows users to record their screen and add a voice-over in the recording. You can quickly send recordings to others in Upwork Messages to make sharing work and collaborating easier.  Many of you are already familiar with Loom and have requested we add this integration. Even if you’re new to Loom, we think you’ll appreciate it as an efficient and engaging communication tool.


Why we love the new Loom integration


Sometimes it’s easier to communicate a message verbally, especially when dealing with complex projects, but we don’t always have the bandwidth or ability across time zones to meet. With Loom’s screen-recording video capability you can capture a screen recording and include a voice-over, making it easier to communicate a message about the work you’re doing. And you can do it directly in Upwork Messages - so freelancers and clients can more seamlessly collaborate on projects! It's free to use for all users in any membership plan.


You’ll notice a “Record with Loom” option displayed in the top of the room in Messages. 




Choose the recording that works for you: record your (1) screen and camera, (2) screen only, or (3) camera only (Tip: you’ll be asked to select camera and/or microphone).

  • Once the recording starts, you can pause or delete 
  • To save, click “Stop”and copy the link provided into the message composer or use the “Insert recording” option to insert the recording into the message composer
  • The recipient will be able to watch the video directly in the room or by opening it in a separate window
  • Make sure you’re signed in to make edits to your recordings
  • It's also possible to trim the recording for users who signed in to their Loom account



As added good news, when using Loom in Upwork Messages, there is no limit to the recording length or the number of recordings if you're signed into your own Loom account, even if you have a free Loom account (Free Loom accounts typically contain limitations).


Are you a Loom newbie or an experienced user? We’d love to hear from everyone as you use this new tool to learn about the ways it’s helped streamline your communication and enhance outcomes with project partners.


If you'd like to learn more about the Loom integration, check out the recording of our recent Loom event!

Update November 9, 2021: This post has been updated to reflect that Loom in Upwork Messages is now available to all users! Please continue to share how you're using Loom in the comments below.

Update November 17, 2021: The post was updated to include a link to the recording of our recent Loom event.