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Requested Features and Bug Fixes

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We’ve been diligently working to add features and address issues that clients and freelancers shared with us.


These are the added features that are now available to clients and freelancers:

  • Marking a chat room or message as a favorite
  • Setting focus on the composer when typing or accessing a room
  • Linking previews
  • Using arrow codes to go out of code formatting

These are the issues that are now addressed for clients and freelancers:

  • Enter key sends the message when selecting Add a line break in the message compose setting
  • Uploaded image and typed text overlaps when selecting Add a line break in the message compose setting
  • Lost formatting when formatting text by numbers
  • Presence status changes when switching rooms in the tracking app
  • User view stays at the top of the conversation when loading older stories
  • No rooms are found when searching for room names
  • Time on the right sidebar doesn’t update when the page is idle
  • New stories don’t load when opening messages
  • Not redirected to the selected message when searching for old messages
  • The sent message comes back as a draft after refreshing the page
  • Google Translate Chrome plugin doesn't translate
  • Thumbnail photo is hours behind or ahead of user’s timezone
  • View contract link is missing from the contract room on the mobile app
  • Pressing Enter Key setting on new messages isn’t being saved
  • Option to remove link previews is absent 
  • Inability to scroll through messages and attach files
  • Issues with code formatting


To share feedback or ask questions, join the community discussion for Requested Features and Bug Fixes.