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Upwork Picks

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Starting May 23, we’re testing an algorithm that badges projects as Upwork Picks. Upwork Picks are recognized for their clarity of deliverables, competitive pricing, and freelancer responsiveness. For two weeks, badging that uses this algorithm will be viewable by all clients and visitors for every category page in Project Catalog.


The goal of the Upwork Picks algorithm is to help clients find the best projects that match their needs while recognizing freelancers for their hard work in building projects.


Currently, all but 16 category pages in Project Catalog have Upwork Picks badges, which are displayed on the first four projects that appear at the top of a category page. These projects are randomly selected, and the Upwork Picks badge is shown as a title rather than in an individual project tile. 


When testing starts, the Upwork Picks badge will be displayed on six projects. Four of these projects will appear at the top of a category page, and two others will be shown throughout the page. 




Instead of being randomly selected as an Upwork Pick, projects will be badged based on the following criteria:

  • Clarity of deliverables
  • Competitive pricing
  • Freelancer responsiveness
  • Project relevance to category
  • Talent rating
  • Amount of purchases for project


In addition, the test will make it easier to see the Upwork Picks badge by displaying it on the individual project tile and on the project details page.


"We have many freelancers on the platform that have developed successful projects, yet they previously were never recognized for their accomplishments,” says Product Manager Grace G. “With Upwork Picks, we are now able to give these freelancers and their projects the proper recognition they deserve, while also providing clients with a better understanding of which projects we highly approve of!"


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