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Project Catalog: Achieve more with improved discoverability & flexible features



We’re releasing a suite of new features for Project Catalog™ designed to help talent promote projects, provide added flexibility to meet clients' needs while increasing earning potential, and have your work be more easily discovered by clients looking for the right project. Project Catalog is a way for talent to create ready-to-purchase projects that are clear and upfront and enable you to define the scope, timing, price, and terms of projects so clients come to you.


Whether you’re new to creating a project in Project Catalog, or you’ve already launched your project offerings, these new capabilities were created to help talent get in front of more clients, which can mean more inspiring work you love! 


New Project Catalog features to help get your projects in front of more clients

These new features were designed to give talent more options to increase your earning potential, have greater control, and better display and describe the type of projects you’re selling so clients can get a better sense of the type of work you specialize in.


  • Add-on services can help boost your earnings and ability to meet client needs 
    Optional ‘add-on’ services can help you expand your offerings to accommodate a wider range of client needs for a set fee determined by you. You set the scope and price for projects and clients can choose from your tailored add-on services to help round out their project for things like expedited delivery, additional revision rounds, or extras related to your specialty. More offerings mean you can gain more value from your projects and help clients create a package to best fit their needs.


  • Videos can now be added to create a stunning project gallery
    Add video clips to projects as part of your gallery, in addition to 20 static images, to help clients better visualize your deliverables at a glance. (Tip: max 100 MB and 60 seconds or less recommended)


  • Share on social media to promote your project to your own network 
    A new sharing function for Catalog projects helps talent easily broadcast and promote projects across your social networks. When more people know about your work, you’re more likely to land new work!


  • Use search tags to improve the discoverability of your project.
    You can now add search tags to your project pages that go beyond the description that Upwork provides (often called a “taxonomy”). This allows clients to see projects that are more relevant to their search. Adding more specific tags to your project can increase the searchability of your project to help clients find you. (Tip: you can add up to 5 search tags to your project!) 


  • Include projects on your profile page to showcase all that you offer 
    We’ve added a space on talent profiles so you can feature your active projects on Project Catalog to help potential clients get a full view of who you are and what you can offer all in one place. (Tip: Your projects will automatically show up on your Upwork profile. You are able to “hide” projects from appearing on your profile and add them back in at any time.)


  • Agencies can now add projects to Project Catalog 
    Agency managers can now create projects on Catalog and bill clients from their agency account. 


  • Update 9/14/2021: New PDF upload option is now available in Project Catalog!
    Freelancers will now have the ability to upload up to 2 PDF files to their gallery to help showcase a full range of work.

The latest Project Catalog features are designed to help you put your best foot forward — so we want to give you a little time to get to know them first. You’ll have two weeks to set up your new add-ons, upload videos, optimize with search tags, and more before they go live in the client experience. It’s our way of making sure you feel confident about every project you create—and always ready to provide the kind of stellar service you’re known for.*


Ready to create your project or give a boost to your current projects with these new features? Check out our Project Catalog blog and Help article to get started. 


We love to hear from the pros on Upwork. How do you use Project Catalog to build your business? What projects do you want to create, but don’t see the right category?

*UPDATE 7/13/21: Add-on services, videos and search tags are now live for clients as well.