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How to Hire on Upwork for Visitors

Starting on March 28, a small percentage of visitors browsing the Find Talent pages will see visuals and a brief description of what they can expect if they hire on Upwork.

Check out the product release for How to Hire on Upwork for Visitors and let us know your thoughts about this update in the comments below.

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1) How will Upwork be evaluating the effectiveness of this test?


2) Will you be comparing how often visitors seeing the new format end up hiring one of the first four freelancers relative to that same statistic with the existing format? (It seems this new format might work to the first four's significant advantage and to the significant disadvantage of freelancers further down the page.)


3) How does Upwork decide the order in which to present freelancers to visitors?


4) How can a freelancer find out where they appear in these search results for the skills they offer?



Pat B.

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