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Team Proposals

Launching February 22, team proposals enable a collaborative group of freelancers to submit joint proposals on job posts.


Check out the product update for Team Proposals and let us know your thoughts about this update in the comments below.

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This is a pretty interesting feature - it solves a number of issues/roadblocks with the existing Upwork Agency model.


The requirement to have an established Upwork Network is perhaps the biggest sticking point, though. For those without a network, it's chicken or the egg. Surely you'd rather work with someone first on a team gig before inviting them to your trusted network?


Why go through the effort of inviting a bunch of random people just to create a network? Then, turn around and represent those people to a client? Makes no sense. This generates a lot of invitation spam, too.


In my view, the Upwork Network should be more organic and based on engagements with people you've already worked with or know personally. 


Perhaps freelancers could indicate they're "Open to network invitations from Top Rated freelancers" as a proper network-building tool?

I just saw a job post which said Team opportunity and I can apply with another person part of my network on Upwork. Would need some more information on this especially on the TOS part w.r.t. subcontracting.

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As a new freelancer with not a lot of jobs as of yet, I feel this might give a person a standing chance. I don't mind working with someone, as long as I get work. That said, this might even give  new freelancers an opportunity without having to boost proposals. 


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