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Upwork Resource Page for Freelancers

Beginning February 2, half of all freelancers can access a personalized resource page that includes tips on how to succeed on Upwork.


Check out the product update for Upwork Resource Page for Freelancers and let us know your thoughts about this update in the comments below.

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All initiatives to display where to get the info is welcome. I just have a few suggestions. This format might allow to catch the freelancers that has "no idea" how the platform works to help them on their journey to Upwork.


My concern is for all those who think that filling a profile and sending proposals is "all they need" to proceed on the platform, and end up making mistakes, providing a bad customer experience, taking up lots of Customer Support ressources (for info that is already available) and give a bad impression of Upwork because they did not use it properly, etc...


For exemple, on the profile page, the banner appears after "Browse Jobs", where it might have less chance to capture the attention of the freelancer eager to find a job quickly. Could it be placed higher up?

Would something like: "Here's what you need to know before starting your Upwork journey!" be more direct rather than saying "We're here to help" to someone thinking he doesn't need help?


I would also suggest to put that "Toolbox" icon right in front of all "New post" or "New topic" icons on the forum to invite them once again to invest time "in their journey" instead of looking for shortcuts or info as they go, i.e. 1 post for each and every situation that comes up.



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People should already know what they need to do...Focus on what they are good at! It's that simple! No need to overthink it!

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When can the other half have access? There are still a lot of freelancers that are clueless when it comes to how things work. Once their profile is created, would it be possible to give the ressources links by email, which would be easier not to miss rather than banners here and there? We could at least refer them to that.

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Thanks for the recent Upwork Resource Page update. It's a great initiative! I share your concern about freelancers who might miss out on essential info.

For the profile page, consider placing the banner higher, right after "Browse Jobs." A direct call-to-action like "Here's what you need to know before starting your Upwork journey!" could grab attention more effectively.

Love the idea of prominently placing the "Toolbox" icon on the forum. It's a great nudge for freelancers to invest time in their journey.

When can the other half expect access? Emailing resource links post-profile creation could ensure they don't miss out.

Looking forward to more improvements!

Best, Ahmad Hassan

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