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Why in my profile there’s no “Work in progress” ?t

Hi everyone! I have 3 orders in total, 2 orders already marked as completed and 1 order that the client hasn’t confirmed yet(I submitted my work but the client didn't mark the milestone as completed, just one milestone), the money for this order has been showed "in review". -When can I get the money shows in review?

most importantly, in my profile, in my work history, I don't see any "work in progress" section, I only have "completed work". I don't have "working hours" section either...


Could you please help me figure that ou?thank you!



Hi Boya,


Thank you for your message. You can expect the amount to reflect on your account in the Date section on your Transaction History page. I can see that you have an active contract which should reflect on your profile as Work In Progress. I'll have one of the team members review your report and assist you further via a support ticket. You can access the ticket here once it's been set up.


~ Arjay

Thank you for your reply! Except for this problem on my page(doesn't show 'work in progress' section, there's one more, In my profile, it also doesn't show 'working hours' section. Even though I tried to add working hours manually in my working diary. It still shows 0 hours. Can you please help me out with these two problems? Don't know why it only happens to me...If that's possible please check if my profile works normally...since it doesn't work normal as others...Many thanks!

I also noticed that when I was working with the first few orders, not only for this one I reported, it never shows they were in work in progress. They only shows when they were completed in completed working history. I don't want in the future it  happens to me always...Since when I am working in progress but it never shows to everyone I'm working.

Hi Boya,


I can see you were able to ask these questions in your support ticket. Please allow some time for the team to review and they will be happy to assist you further with this.