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Upwork Trust & Safety Policies
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Upwork has grown by anticipating and addressing the diverse needs of today’s work reality. As Upwork continues to scale, our Trust & Safety team is here to ensure our customers stay safe and that we provide the most trusted platform for getting work done.

To enable continued development and evolution while also ensuring a respectful, inclusive, and safe atmosphere, we’ve created these Trust & Safety Policies. They establish the rules of engagement for platform content and customer behavior.

Developed in collaboration with internal partners and external experts, these policies support our mission of elevating trust in the world’s work marketplace and keeping our customers safe.

We see these guidelines as a practice of collaboration and continuous improvement. Our policies are never finished, and we’re committed to making thoughtful updates as the marketplace changes. Our goal is to ensure that the rules we enforce and communicate are fair, reflect our values, and foster the work marketplace we seek to create.

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