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As a global platform for collaboration and professionalism, the Upwork Community forums are where customers can engage with each other and Upwork representatives. In the forums professionals can ask and answer questions, search topics, learn, socialize and get updates about Upwork. The Community is also where members will share input on existing features and suggestions for new features. If customers have any ideas on how we can improve their experience on Upwork, the Community is a great place to share that feedback.

You can explore the community and search for solutions without joining. But if you want to post or receive email notifications, you'll need to be registered on Upwork.

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The Upwork Community is here as a place for interesting, thoughtful and helpful conversation. With active participation, the Community can be a great way to make friends, share information, and gain a more engaging experience on Upwork.

  • Discussions

    Start a discussion related to freelancing or hiring, Upwork features, policies and questions related to the Upwork platform. Or, have some fun in the Coffee Break area.

    • Feedback

    • New to Upwork

      Area for new users to search and ask questions when getting started on Upwork.

    • Freelancers

      Discussions on topics about freelancing.

    • Agencies

      Discussion on topics about working as an agency.

    • Clients

      Discussions on topics related to hiring.

    • Coffee Break

      Miscellaneous threads on any topic you like, as long as they adhere to our guidelines.

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