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There's a bug in the upwork messaging system. HTML is not being rendered correctly when contained in the... more
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by: Caitlin H an hour ago • in Freelancers
Because of my experience with this company and in particular Ms. **Edited for Community Guidelines** I am... more
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by: Andrew G an hour ago • in New to Upwork
I have completed my profile but am unable to submit it. More than a week since I was told this was being... more
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by: Herbert M 2 hours ago • in Freelancers
Hi,I just had do decline a job which I have already agreed due to its impossible task (much more time... more
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by: Ehssan K 4 hours ago • in Freelancers
Hi,   I would like to raise Dispute with client! Maria **Edited for Community Guidelines**   He... more
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by: Priyadarsini V Tuesday • in Clients
Hello all,I have been registered as a client with upwork since one month. We have hired many people all... more
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by: Lena E Moderator 04-11-2018 • in Upwork Events
 Upwork Huddles Upwork Huddles are independently organized meetups, hosted by experienced Top... more
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by: Lena E Moderator 04-04-2018 • in Upwork Events
On March 27th, Ried and I hosted a Huddle for Upwork freelancers in the Detroit area. Both being from... more
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by: Avery O Moderator 04-02-2018 • in New to Upwork
Hi Jarrar,  Looks like your profile was accepted already. Welcome to Upwork!   For help getting... more
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by: Jarrar A 04-02-2018 • in Freelancers
I would like to know if my profile has been approved....?
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