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Latest Post: Atasiei A yesterday in Europe
Salut.Cineva din România care este activ pe Upwork?Am câteva întrebări legate de modalitățile în care ești... more
Reply: 0 Kudos: 0 by: Atasiei A / New Forum Member
Latest Post: Juvy Ann P 4 hours ago in Asia Pacific
Hello all, I have updated and resubmitted my profile serveral times but keeps rejecting. Please help... more
Reply: 1 Kudos: 0 by: Shihas R / Frequent Visitor
Latest Post: Juvy Ann P 2 hours ago in Asia Pacific
Guys and gals, For those who might have been affected by the recent floods, you might want to... more
Reply: 2 Kudos: 0 by: Juvy Ann P / Community Guru
Latest Post: Juvy Ann P Friday in Asia Pacific
Hello. I am new to Upwork. I have been trying to start working for quite a while now, but my profile... more
Reply: 3 Kudos: 0 by: Arkin K / Frequent Visitor
Latest Post: Guram K 08-14-2018 11:55 AM in Europe
It's a very important point for Russia based freelancers. How UpWork's lawyers can comment this part of... more
Reply: 0 Kudos: 0 by: Guram K / Ace Contributor