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Welcome to Upwork Academy, an interactive suite of courses and tools for helping you succeed on Upwork. You'll find topics from best practices for choosing your profile headline and advice for setting your rate to scam awareness tips.
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Choose from our pre-determined learning paths to follow a step-by-step journey.
1 hour

Learn about how to get started on Upwork and all the aspects of your Upwork profile.

1 hour

Learn how to navigate the work marketplace, submit proposals, interview and negotiate.

1 hour

Learn about client communication tips, tools for collaboration and work processes you can follow.


Unlock your full potential with our Education Marketplace, an exclusive collaboration between Upwork Academy, Coursera, and Udemy, offering a curated selection of courses and resources to empower freelancers with new skills a...


Unlock success with mini courses: enhance your skill set, supercharge your business, and grow your client circle! Dive into short, expert-led videos focused on key, relevant topics, crafted by Upwork's Top Rated users and industry trailblazers.

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Frequently Asked Questions
What is Upwork Academy?

Upwork Academy is a library of information and resources that are available at any time, letting yo

What can I do in Upwork Academy?

You can start your journey by going through an interactive course or by watching videos of past web

How is Upwork Academy different from Upwork Help and Resource center?

Upwork Academy is a library of informational resources designed to help you explore and engage at y

Why can’t I see any of the courses?

You’ll need to log into Upwork Community to be able to see the Academy courses. If you don’t have a

Will more content be added to Upwork Academy?

Absolutely! Upwork Academy is still in development and we’re working on enhancements to help you bu

I have heard about Upwork Academy, but I can’t find it on the Upwork website.

We’re currently sharing the link to access Upwork Academy on an invite-only basis while it’s in bet

The courses don’t seem to look right on my tablet/mobile device.

Great call out! While the courses are still functional on a mobile device, they are curr

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Welcome to Upwork Academy, an accessible and interactive suite of informational resources and best