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Our commitment to developing and using AI responsibly to help our customers reach their full potential.


As the world’s work marketplace, we are deeply committed to our mission to create economic opportunities so people have better lives, and we are optimistic about AI’s potential to supercharge that mission. 


In this exciting new era of work, we believe in building and using AI responsibly, guided by ethical principles, to help everyone in our community thrive.  


These AI Principles describe our human-centered approach to developing and deploying AI: 


  • Empower people to achieve their goals. We use AI to further our mission, building new product experiences that create value for our customers and help unleash uniquely human potential. 


  • Prioritize equity and avoid unintentional bias. We strive to build AI that promotes inclusivity, accessibility, and equity for the populations we serve and avoids creating or reinforcing unintentional bias.

  • Be safe and responsible with data. We protect and respect data that is used for the development of our AI solutions by embracing security by design and implementing robust  privacy protocols that put customers in control.

  • Maintain human accountability. We involve humans with designing, testing, and overseeing our AI systems, and we will continue to partner with and listen to our customers to continuously evolve our use of AI in a way that suits them best.


  • Be transparent. We aim to make the use of AI on our platform understandable so our customers are informed about how this technology is being used to benefit them and their work.


Last updated: Nov 2023