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Learn about how to stay safe when using Upwork.


Discover best practices for interviewing with potential clients and representing yourself and your work.

Learn about how to stay safe when using Upwork.

Understand how to use the Upwork Work Diary feature.

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Choose from our pre-determined learning paths to follow a step-by-step journey.

In this journey, you'll learn the essentials of how to start as a client on Upwork Enterprise.

In this journey, we'll help you get set up for success and provide insight into what to expect on the Upwork platform. 

In this journey, you'll get an introduction to working on Upwork, submitting proposals, and tips for landing your first job.

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Learn more about our brand partnership program that pairs visionary brands with top independent talent to collaborate on high-value, innovative projects.

Enjoy on-demand events and gain insight into past talks and conferences on a variety of topics.

Join the conversation as freelancers, the businesses that rely on them, and future-of-work experts share insights with hosts Gene Gates, Sheri Baker, and Tim Sanders...