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Client is asking for innuerous things in a fixed price job and changing the job description

One of our exclusive freelancers has entered in a fixed price contract with the client.After having delivered and submitted the work, the client asked for additional things in the same price. The freelancer oblidged and resubmitted the work. Now the client is asking for unlimited things in the same price and is not ready to listen. The payment has not been released yet. What can we do in order to close this contract ( with or without payment) and save our JSS from dropping.

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Community Manager

Hi Aditi,


I'm sorry about the agency freelancer's experience on this contract. While I'm not familiar with the contract I can confirm that freelancers aren't required to complete tasks that have not been discussed and agreed at the start of the contract or during the contract, and aren't part of the contract terms. Note that we do have Payment Protection in place for Fixed Price contracts and in case the client declines the payment request that you can advise the freelancer to submit if it hasn't been submitted yet. The freelancer will be able to initiate a dispute and our team will follow up with both parties. You can find more information in these Help articles, here and here. The best approach is to communicate with the other party, clarify any confusion, reiterate the contract terms and try to resolve the problem amicably. If that doesn't resolve the problem, if the payment is funded in Escrow you can follow the steps outlined in the Help articles above.

You can let the freelancer know they can contact us directly and we'll be able to clarify and concern they have and assist them further.

~ Vladimir
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