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Payments release from client side

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Muhammad S Member Since: May 23, 2021
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Hi. I have been working on an hourly based job as a member of Agency. Me and client have decided to work on manual hours. And we have decided to get paid at the end of month. Now I used to add manual timings on daily basis. And after a week, Upwork takes payment from my client. Can you tell me that is there any way that I can set the release of the payment from client side at the end of every month? Or there is another way that I can add those all of hours at the end of every month. let me know what I can do to resolve this issue?
Bojan S Moderator Member Since: Mar 9, 2018
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Hi Muhammad,


There is no option for monthly payment for hourly contracts. On an Hourly Contract, you log hours and the client is automatically invoiced for them on Monday. You can discuss with the client about setting up a Fixed-Price Contract and having Milestone payments released monthly. 


Thank you! 

~ Bojan