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Free Webinar Expand Your Earnings with Abbi Perets

Are you happy with the income you’re earning as a freelancer right now? Do you feel like you should be earning more? Perhaps you’re starting to realize that the work you deliver is really good- and it’s worth more than what you’re being paid.


If you think you should be earning more — that you could be earning more — you’re right. You CAN make more money as a freelancer and Abbi Perets would like to show you how.


In the recent webinar “Expand your Earnings” with freelancer, Abbi Perets, she provided customers with tips and tools on how to charge more for the freelance work they do. Recording available here.


Abbi Perets is a copywriter with 20 years of experience freelancing with some of the biggest brands in the world. Abbi has successfully trained and educated hundreds of freelancers on Upwork to expand their businesses and increase their earnings through her courses at successfulfreelancemom.com


If you attended the free “Expand Your Earnings” webinar with Abbi Perets on April 30th or reviewed the recording and have any questions let us know. 


*The recording was re-recorded to remove the audio issues experienced during the live webinar.

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Thanks this helped a lot. I somehow missed the live one.

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Thank you so much

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Thank you!

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Thanks, Abbi for this webinar, it's really helpful to make my mind. Being a WordPress developer and VA do you think I can choose WordPress only for my top skill? As you know in upwork their are soo many WordPress developers are working so it's really hard to get job. Upwork already stop approving new WP profiles. Do you think in the current environment is it a good idea to choose this skill or I have to change my skill set?



Maryam L.

I don't think that you need to change your skill, but I think you should get more specific. Instead of being a general WP dev and VA, think about the kind of work that you most enjoy, the clients you most love working with, and what you can provide. 


For example, the person who created my site specializes in creating sites that contain a library of elements so that I can now go in and create new landing pages and sales pages on my own, without extra help. 


I also pay someone who handles monthly maintenance of my WP site -- he makes sure my plugins are always updated, my site is backed up, when I had a malware issue, he fixed it in moments, etc.


Create a specialized WP service for your clients. 


Make sense?

Thanks, Abbi for detail respond. Smiley Happy

Maryam L.
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Thanks for all those handy tips. Managing the work-life balance professionally also the communication with clients is the uber-important thing every freelancer need to focus on. I completely agree with you.



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I have tried copywriting before through Upwork but felt the prices offered were always too low. How long had you been writing for before you upped your prices? How many months had you been writing before you could survive alone? Thanks



I never charged lower prices on Upwork. Back when I first came to the platform (when it was oDesk), I had already been working as a freelancer for a few years, so I already knew my numbers. 


YOU are the person who determines your pricing. You are always free to walk away from a potential project if the client is unwilling to pay what you charge.


I had an exchange with a client this morning -- he invited me to his job. I replied with the same reply I send everyone:


Here's what I can do, and here's what it costs. If you're interested in talking, book a call with me here.


He wrote back, "That's more than I want to spend, but I'm still interested in speaking."


I replied, "I'm happy to speak, but my pricing is firm. I'm worth it."


Either he'll book a call, or he won't. Either he'll hire me at the rate I charge, or he won't. Either way, I charge what I charge, and this is ONE potential client. There are MANY others. 

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Hi! Great presentation!


I have a few questions for @Abbi Perets!


Hi Abby!


I am trying to learn how to get into email sequences as well. 


What is the typical size of an email sequence? Is there a standadrd as in, a certain amount where the reader says: "Engouh with this!"?


What does that two hour call entail? What does it look like? What questions should be asked and how can we analyze the client neededing the help?


How to deliver email sequences to readers with a lot of value?


I would love to talk to you!




Thanks for the kind words! 


I actually have an entire (paid) workshop that details EXACTLY how I run my email sequence projects. 

You get all the details: 

  • how to run an initial client call — what questions to ask, what information you need, what materials to request so that you can rock out the work
  • the information you MUST have in order to write a sequence that converts into sales
  • how write the sequence, step by step, so that you create amazing results and WOW your clients

and more. 

You can find more details here: https://successfulfreelancemom.com/email-workshop/



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Hi Abbie, is this webinar recording still available please?

I'm not sure -- did you try going to the link that Lena shared? 

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