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Comission on Payment Method Registration

UPWORK has a very strange method of checking the validity of the credit cards when registred as payment method: it charges the client's account two payments of 10 USD or EUR each!!! It seams that the two sums are later returned to the clients account but.....UPWORK charges them a comission!!! This is another way of making money but nor very legal. So UPWORK ....why are doing that?


Better to contact with Customer support if you have problem with upwork system, Or wait for Vladimir he will give you better suggestion, 


I think that's upwork's internal issue so better to contact with support not here


It is not two amounts of $ 10 each, it is 2 amount which, together, add up to $ 10 (not € 10 ]


Upwork does noes not charge ANY commission on that your bank or credit card does when it does the currency conversion. All banks and all credit cards charge for converting currency.


Upwork charges you $ 10 and gives you back $ 10


If you get back less it is because the banks charge for converting the Dollars into Euro, and then again for converting the Euros into Dollars.


It's a pretty common verification method, although it's usually around $1 or $2. Are you sure it's two lots of $10? As for it being illegal, I'd be very surprised.... if they were looking to make money from it then they'd just need to put the fees up again rather than implementing some kind of illegal practice.  


And as for commission, that will be the standard currency conversion that you get with any change of conversion...Upwork aren't a bank, so it's unlikely they see any of that.  

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Hi Marco,


Petra already shared correct information. I can confirm the two smaller charges total to $10 and no commission is charged by Upwork. Clients are only charged the payment processing fee on Upwork, as described here.

~ Vladimir