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Complaint on feedback system limitation

I'm a client who recently hired a freelancer to do some lead generation work for me, in finding contacts with valid emails. The agreement in the job description and contract is that I pay him certain amount of money for every valid email he gets for me. If he doesn't get me a valid email for a particular contact he will not recieve any money. It's very clear and simple and the freelancer acknowledged that he understood and agrees to it.


Once the job was concluded, the freelancer delivered roughly about 40% of valid emails out of all the contacts I have provided him. I have explained this to him and he expressed that he understands and he's happy to conlude the job. Well I have provided a screenshot of our message exchange just before concluding the job, but it has been removed by the community moderator for some reason, repsumably because I'm not allowed to show the freelancer's identity. So I'm putting the screenshot again without the freelancer's identity shown: **Edited for Community Guidelines**

You can see clearly that he was happy and didn't bring any issues to my attention during our communication exchange. 


After I have concluded the job, I have also provided him a very good feedback despite him not delivering the job fully. Since then I have been doing a lot of travelling around for business trips. As a CEO of a small business, you can imagine how busy life can get with such a role. I have not had a chance to sit and monitor Upwork daily or even weekly. To compund the limitation of this feedback system on Upwork, there's no notification via email I get to be notified of when and what the freelancer has left as a feedback for me. After a month of travelling I have finally managed to get some break for myself and check on Upwork properly today. I checked my profile with all the feedbacks by accident while I was viewing one of the jobs I have posted only to notice that the freelancer has left me a nasty negative and false feedback. See screenshot my feedback and his in comparison: http://prntscr.com/bvf1cm


1) I'm quite upset that he has written such feedback in such a sly way, especially that he has expressed that he was totally happy with our agreement and the conlcusion to the job prior to making my payment to him. Clearly he just wanted to get paid before he can unleash his comments of criticism and ruin my reputation for him not getting paid the full amount despite me clearly explaining to him why before hand, and him agreeing to it. In fact you can see in the screenshot I provided of our message exchange, you can just about make out bits of his previous message before my first message in the exchange that you can see in the screenshot. He was asking me to make sure I provide him a good feedback. He had the audactiy to ask that when he was prepared to give me a false negative feedback the moment I paid him and concluded the job. Pretty sly tactics and lacking any form of integrity.


2) What's really sad and unfair is the fact that I can't respond to his unfair feedback now, as Upwork has put this 28 days limit rule of which after you can't leave a feedback. In my case as I explained, being very busy in my job and business travels, I don't have time to sit and monitor Upwork on daily or weekly basis. I may disappear for a whole month before I'm back on Upwork. Also there's no email notification feature in place that can at least notify me of when and what the freelancer has left for me as a feedback. So this adds more the limitation of being able to spot if and when a feedback has been left for you as a client that may ruin your reputation and affect your ability to hire freelancers in future. 

If you look at all my previous feedbacks, all 24 freelancers I have hired in my history on Upwork, not a single one had a negative feedback about me, testament to my fairness as a client. But thanks to this freelancer, and the fact I can't respond to his feedback now, I'm petty much stuck with a false and negative feedback that directly attacks the way I pay freelancers, which is totally not true. 


I have tried to reason with the freelancer explaining why I paid him the amount and the fact that he didn't have issues with it before we concluded the job, is unfair and especially that he has not delivered to the job requirement fully in the end. His reply was that he refuses to change the feedback because he thinks it's fair. Especially that he knows I can't respond to his feedback now after 28 days have passed, he seems quite confident and doesn't care what I say to him. 

I have appealed to the Upwork support team regarding doing something about this, but they have informed that they're very much helpless in being able to do anything about it, because it is all set by the system automatically. 

After a lot of back and forth with the helpdesk and informing them that I wish to speak to someone of higher authority or influence if they're unable to resolve this unjust situation, they have finally lead me to this community forum. So here I'm appealing to whoever is listening and hopefully able to do something fair about this scenario, regarding this feedback, as I'm unable to do anything because of this 28 days rule. Also to instill some level of integrity to those freelancers who attempt to do such a thing. I think the least that should happen if there's any fairness in Upwork platform is that I'm allowed to be given the chance to respond to the negative and false feedback that has been given to me, after explaining my situation, and for this not to affect my hiring ability in future based on false allegations.


Thanks and apologies for the long winded message.


Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi Hareth,


I understand your frustration. However, feedback can be edited or removed  by the team in very limited cases when it violates Upwork ToS. Both freelancers and clients are free to share their opinions and experience with a job. At this point feedback can only be changed by the freelancer if you enable him to. Also, it doesn't look like the feedback is extremely negative and will prevent you from hiring freelancers on the platform.


Screenshots have been edited in your post because posting private communication and details is not allowed in the Community.

~ Valeria

Well Valeria, your thoughts on the feedback not being deterimental on my ability to hire good freelancers in future when they read what this freelancer said that freelancers should be careful not to work with me, as I won't pay fully what I promise in the budget set out, is a matter of opinion, and I beg to differ. This still doesn't rectify the issue, and I think given what I already explained the fact that I have been out for an entire month on travel and the upwork system doesn't notify by email when a freelancer leaves you a feedback, and now I'm not allowed to respond to this feedback because it's past 28 days, is really unfair especially based on false accusations on the feedback. Can I also add that if you have no issues with this despite the fact I have provided evidence of this freelancer's lack of integrity, you as a website show passive advocacy to such behaviours on your platform.


Clearly this is unfair and I should be allowed to at least respond to this feedback in defence to this false feedback. 

Well if this is the so called Upwork community that is meant to solve issues that its customers report, then this has been a pretty disappointing experience, and shows how little Upwork listens to its customers. 


Thanks a lot 

Hi Hareth,


What has happened is most unfortunate.


BTW, the freelancer’s identity has not been adequately hidden. His name is still visible in the first screenshot.


Upwork can’t be expected to email feedback to each client/freelancer.


It is incumbent on the client/freelancer to check the feedback.


Too often, we are too complacent to check the feedback, thus leading to the situation at hand.


Ignorance of the rule is not a valid excuse.


That one is too busy is not a valid excuse either.


There is a clearly stated rule that the client can post a  response to be visible next to the feedback from the freelancer, and  this must be done within 28 days of the contract ending.


It is time to pick up the pieces and move on.


Should you wish to do so, you can file a dispute.


“If the issue can’t be resolved with the freelancer and you feel you have received feedback that violates the Upwork's Terms of Use, please contact Customer Support by clicking here. For your dispute to be considered by Upwork, you must include a detailed discussion of the contract and a written statement describing how the feedback violates Upwork policy.”



"Certa bonum certamen"



It's great to see that you guys at Upwork pay absolutley no attention to what your customers are telling you on how to improve serious limitations on your platform, and that can only mean that you're heading one way, down hill. 


Your response was arrogant more than anything, imposing your website rules like they're some sort of constitutional laws. I have just explained to you that some of us in high positions using this website from time to time, are CEOs and higher management, may go on long travels, which means we're not able to sit and monitor Upwork as if it's the most important thing in our life. Maybe you've never done such a thing in your life and wouldn't understand such circumistances some of us go through in our jobs.

Your 28 days limit where after you can't respond to someone else's feedback is ridiculous to say the least. Especially for the fact there's no email notification feature in place to let clients know when freelancers have left them a feedback.


I have absolutely no time for websites with such arrogance, to think they're above their customers, and not to think about individual situations and circumistances.


Yes you're right, I'm going to pick up the pieces and move on, but not on your website (Upwork), but some other freelancer website.


By the way, a lot of freelancers have also been complaining to me about how your new rules have really started to ruin your services and platform, and they're all considering to leave.

You've lost a great client.

Good luck and enjoy your rules and your kudos with your community buddies.





Please, note that Ravindra is a user of Upwork just like yourself. Official representatives of Upwork in the Community have green UP badges similar to the one you can see next to my post.


I would also like to reiterate that enabling the response feature after 28-days period has expired is technically impossible. I am sorry your relationship with the freelancer didn't turn out as you expected but unfortunately we can't make an exception to our processes and policies regarding feedback.

~ Valeria

Ok about Ravindra, thanks noted. 


More importantly, my problem still has NOT been resolved.


Valeria, nothing is impossible in life if people really care about the matter and want to make a change.



@Hareth N wrote:

More importantly, my problem still has NOT been resolved.


 It will not be resolved.


Nothing in that feedback in any way violates Upwork policies. It will not get removed.


**Edited for Community Guidelines**


Honestly, sending out an e-mail when feedback is made available would be a good idea, especially for clients who cannot see their feedback as easily as we can. This way Hareth could have responded to this bad feedback.


This is not a complicated thing to implement, maybe Valeria could forward this suggestion to Tam and his team.

"Where darkness shines like dazzling light"   —William Ashbless



Thanks for sharing your experience, I can understand your frustration. We can pass your suggestion about emailing clients/freelancers when they receive feedback onto our team. 


As Valeria has repeatedly mentioned, there is nothing that can be done. We have rules and guidelines for the site and though it is unfortunate that you missed the 28-day period, that is how the site works- you have 4 weeks, which for most is adequate. 


We will be closing this thread to further replies.





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