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Fraudulent freelancer

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I don't know if she's done this before, but she probably has. We hired her for a transcription job. She submitted the transcript. I checked the transcript and it seem good at the time. I was busy managing people from the same team, proofreading docs, and doing other work-related stuff. I was confident that her work was true, so I assigned another task that she accepted. The deadline passed without any word. I immediately informed her that I will reassign that second task because we were wasting time. She replied and said that she was out of town doing something. So I let that pass. Anyway when I got to her first document, I found out that it actually was shorter than usual. I saw the scroll bar didn't have enough room to scroll up and down like the other documents I checked. I contacted her, but to no avail. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to immediately inform our finance department to delay the payment. She received the payment, and I contacted her again. She did not respond. I contacted oDesk support. They informed me that if she did not respond within the next 24 to 48 hours, I should contact them again, which I did, to report that no response was received from her. She responded after that - saying that her daughter was missing and that she just found her a couple of hours prior to her response. At that point, I already know that I was dealing with a liar. I asked her why she sent an incomplete transcript from her first task. She said that she didn't know and that she's willing to resolve it. I gave her another opportunity to redeem herself. I gave her 6 hours to fully accomplish the missing 30 mins from the document. It's now 15 hours since then, and I have not heard from her. I've updated oDesk with the status of this situation and have requested a suspension of her account. I checked her work again. The way she transcribed the first and last part was genius. It was very obvious that she intentionally did not transcribe the middle part. Anyway, i've already tagged her oDesk profile and reported her. I just want the rest of the clients here to know and identify her. Details are below. ** *"Removed by admin"
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Did you give a negative feedback to this bad freelancer? If yes, is this bad feedback posted and shown on freelancer profile? If the bad feedback is not shown on freelancer profile, this is a crucial bug of oDesk, that I experimented on my skin, hiring a scammer too and oDesk hided my negative feedback to him on his profile. Is oDesk coherent with his Mission? Is oDesk OUT of Market?
Hi Alberto, I am sorry that you have had a negative experience with a freelancer. Your feedback could only be removed from the freelancer's profile if the freelancer refunded all the money paid on the contract or if there was a violation of oDesk Policies.
~ Valeria
It's a long history to tell, but I make a resume. I gave to this freelance a fixed fee job for the main structure of a new web site made by Joomla from our old-one. He accepted a low fee and I know very well that it's enough for the very limited job required, but he did a very bad job choosing a bad joomla template. I paid him, but I gave him a negative feedback. He promised that, if I changed the feedback to positive, he would improve without costs the bad job done. Obviously he didn't do the right job. So I didn't pay 1$ for my second chance contract given to him, but my new negative feedback is N/A on his profile and he has not black spot on his profile. This is a very bad strategy of oDesk, which stopped my negative feedback. I wish to see my negative feedback on his profile as it's my own right for a bad job done. It's enough. No more, no less. The Employers community must know, judging a freelancer by his real grades on Customer Satisfaction. But until now, I didn't see this feedback on freelance profile.