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Freelancer cannot complete job. How do I get a refund and repost the same job?

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My freelancer notified me 3 hours after accepting the job that she had the "loss of a friend" so she cannot complete the job. My money is in escrow. How do I go about canceling the job/getting my money back? Is it possible to reactivate the job so that I can view the other applicants? 

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Hello Christine,


Your money is safe and you can repost your job. If the freelancer you hired couldn't complete the job all you have to do is to end the contract. When ending the contract Upwork will ask you why are you ending the contract and you could select from a list of drop-down or you enter your own reasons. Also there is a check box for you to click and ask for a refund of Escrow funds, although you won't get it immediately but it will be refunded.


If you have any question please feel free to ask. **edited for Community Guidelines**


My regards.

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Hello Christine,


I think I just found the job. It's an **Edited for Community Guidelines** right? You may not need to repost the job if the contract was ended based on the freelancer's inability to meet deadline. Once it is ended you could either rehire from the pool of proposals you have (i.e if you have declined them all) or you could just hire a new freelancer entirely.

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I think you can contact with upwork customer support. I don't think your money will be hang up, So don't be so worried end the contract

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi Christine,


I see you ended your contract with the first freelancer and hired a second one. I'm sorry the first freelancer didn't work out, please note that in order to ensure a successful outcome of the contract clients are advised to interview freelancers whose proposals they've shortlisted, before hiring the best one for the job.


Let me know if you have any further questions.