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How do I correct an incorrectly posted budget that was sent in an Invite to potential freelancers?

I posted jobs and invited freelancers to respond. I realized I had posted the wrong budget. I edited the job posting, but my messages out to potential freelancers still lists the incorrect budget. I don't want to unintentionally mislead them. I have no way to message them since they haven't read or responded to my invitation yet. How do I reach out to them and correct my mistake? Many thanks.

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi Mary, 


You can go to My Jobs > Job Title > View Suggested Freelancers > Message Candidates. When you hover your pointer to a candidate, a "Send message" option will appear on the right-hand side. You should be able to contact them from there.

~ Avery

Thanks Avery. I did edit my job posting--this is for the web infographic, not the transcription job. But the invitations I sent out to freelancers includes the incorrect price--it shows up when I view my sent messages. So they will open an email that describes the wrong price. They'll see the correct price eventually, but I really don't want to mislead. Is there any way I can send a message to freelancers I've invited but who haven't yet responded--telling them the correct project price?


Many thanks for your help! 



Again, this is for a job where the freelaners haven't responded yet so I have no way to message them back. Thanks!

This is a clumsy workaround, but occasionally, I have seen jobs cancelled and reposted due to some change in the job description, and the client apologizes to the potential freelancers and asks them to re-send their proposals. I think if the client cancels the job the freelancers get their connects back to start again.


i don't know if this would work for you though.

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi Mary,


Clients can't change terms of an invite that was already sent and can't communicate with freelancers before they accept the invitation. I see you have already hired someone for the job, so in case you'd still like change the terms on a pending invite, you can decline it, post a private job and invite the freelancer in question. 

~ Vladimir