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I'm going back to Elance!

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Since The announcement of UPwork replacing Elance i joined and moved my jobs here since this platform seemed promising , but since joining this platform nothing but problems, i have been patient and watching updates on social media for problems and fixes, but this went too far and beyond acceptable, i'm a IT person so i understand that such huge platform with this amount of functionality needs time to create and stabilize, but testing this platform and stabilize it on real clients, jobs, freenlancers,... is just unacceptable.


its clearly that this platform is in no shape to be released and used by public, too many problems and bugs, in addition to stripped and missing functionalities, controlling milestones and auto funding is the biggest letdown and stripped features from Elance, the guy who changed this behavior from Elance should be fired.


anyway, the wise thing to do is to bring Elance back into business because IT JUST WORKS, once this platform gets more testing , i mean REAL QA here and getting stable, you can launch it in beta with reduced rates to encounrage people to participate in this beta soft launch, and once you get it stable 100% then you are ready to launch it for public, but forcing it with this state into our throats is self-destruction of this company, i'm going back to Elance, i can still see that i can still post new jobs, if for some reason they declined my new posting then i will ditch odesk completely and find other stable working platforms, maybe i will come back after 2-3 years and by then all problems and issues MIGHT be fixed.

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Hey there Yaz,


Your comments coming from someone with an IT background are interesting. 


Do you think that Upwork in its current state is running in beta? Wouldn't the IT guys at Upwork have known that there would be a lot of problems once the system-switch went live? I'm not an IT guy, so I don't understand how a company would migrate a platform from Elance onto Upwork without having gone through beta testing BEFORE the migration. 


But the results that I'm seeing - and a lot of other people are seeing - seem to indicate that we are in a beta testing stage here in Upwork right now. 





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I tried this platform a month or so ago. At the time it kept crashing and basic usability needed polishing. Last week I got a note saying it was time for me to migrate my account from eLance. So, I assumed a major new update had been launched and all was good. Wow, how can you push people from a website that works to this? I can hear the development discussions now..."We have a timeline to keep, I don't care about stability or the P1, P2, and P3 development tasks. Migrate those eLance users and fix it all as you go!"


This is definitely a business school case study (not the best practices kind...) in the making.



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I singed up here like a month ago, and as you said, it's just full of bugs. I'm a technical guy as well and i totally can understand that bugs sometimes can take sometime track & fix but this has reached a level where it's not acceptable at all.


Right now i can't see the applicants who applied to my jobs, so i'm completely in the dark and i can't get my job done, so i don't understand how my account here would be any useful, i reported the bug around two weeks ago, the support team are really helpful with messages like "we are working on it" "we informed our tech team" but yeah it has been TWO weeks I have users and clients as well and i can't tell them my job is not getting done because this platform is just not working. 


At the moment, I'm in a hunt for an alternative as Yaz said the Upwork is a great idea but the product is not ready yet and you can't test on us.

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Completely agree.  I used Elance frequently, it was very valuable to me, and important to my business.   I've had nothing but problems with Upwork, sorting freelancers is painful, and now I just find out that the only way to see my old Elance jobs is at the bottom of an active Upwork job posting!  If I don't have an active job post I'm SOL.  You'd think that going to My Jobs then completed/filled would show them, but no!  Are you kidding me?


What a way to screw up a good thing.


For grins, here's the latest chat transcript with Upwork...


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I totally agree!  Bad planning at Upwork... I really miss Elance. I don't inderstand why they got rid of a good thing???

Consolidating into one site was a bad business decision.  Not only is the site not ready they opened the door to competitors. Bring Elance back!

I don't think that consolidating the two platforms was such a horrible idea. The bad idea was consolidating both platforms into Upwork. It's an absolute shambles. 


The search function is quite ridiculous. Most of the time I can't even find myself. Trying to find freelancers is impossible. More often than not, search returns completely irrelevant frealancers. 


Given the extent of the technical issues and design flaws, I don't see Upwork recovering for a very long time if at all. 

Unfortunately, I am not have Elance experience - only Odesk-Upwork, but I need to say that Upwork is good marketplace in whole in my opinion. Of course I agree that site working not good and consequently I see long distance between clients and freelancers, they can't find each others.

I am registered on both sites, but only Odesk/Upwork is doing me great experience in last years. In Elance I have only empty account without history.

If Elance is better then Upwork why I have this big difference?

In fact my skills is equal, portfolio is identical, so it pure magic Smiley Wink



May be you can shortly describe your Elance experience? It will be good lesson for me and for all.

Thanks in advance.

Sincerely, Vitalij - Top Rated brochure designer.

Elance is a dream site. Smooth, comprehensive, user friendly, everything in its place and easy to find. I'm a little nervous about losing my income because there's nothing happening on Upwork. The site is BARE looking, I can't transfer my work/project history, thumbnails don't work properly, portfolio is at the bottome of client comments. What were they thinking?

Elance was the best.I love elance.

And to add insult to injury, now Upwork's commission is going up to 20% !!! This ain't Hollywood.

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oDesk used to be usable. I don't know if it was better than Elance or not, but it was usable and useful - I've used it for years without any major complains.


Once the whole merging fiasco started oDesk went into a steep decline. If oDesk was OK Upwork is a complete disaster. It's as if they're doing it on purpose to ruin the company?

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I used both platforms, and they were very much different. 


I think Elance worked very well as it was, and should not have changed.


I think oDesk worked well, as it was, but could have used a few upgrades, and overall it should not have changed. 


How things are now, I simply have stopped using either platform, cause, well. They suck. 

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Couldn't agree more Yaz,


We are only a small company but have had tremendous value from Elance.  Getting sick of all the messages to move to Upword we eventually did,  Despite the seemless migration promises quite simply the only thing transferred was user name and password - I had to physically recreate things in Upwork.  Then I couldn't message valued freelancers who (guiltily) we asked to also move to Upwork without creating fictitious jobs to award.  Several of them are still trying to set up payments etc.  None of it has been easy and then after we have actually managed to get an Upwork presence we discover the functionality, forced funding, lack of intuitive use, customer interface (the list goes on) is sadly lacking.  We hope to see some rapid changes and improvements - there are other platforms out there and it won't be long before we shift.


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I still can't believe they will really do it in the end - kill the perfect working platform! I mean they're already killing it.

I'm not even sure if they understand by now that they made a wrong desicion, and that this desicion will probably totally kill their business?


I'm just thinking and thinking, about their possible reasons, and it just doesn't make sense. They will lose money, that's for sure. Everyone will go away, because we don't want to work over this platform that just doesn't work and will never be near Elance quality, especially since they don't listen to what we have to say AT ALL!


We know better and we won't settle for this. Be sure. We are just watchers here, Upwork, we never decided to stay. We are already looking elsewhere. 


Why would anyone shut down something that everyone agrees is the best freelancer platform in the world. Killing something that's just perfect and bringing something that will take years to stop being a total mess, if ever. Which this is, A TOTAL MESS. I just don't understand.  I don't get it.

I agree,


For example the Inbox page, the public profile URL, every job Email, the ability to save Search even with no search filled...


In my opinion Upwork try but Elance is almost perfect regarding the professionalism and the simplicity. Upwork is more beautiful and dynamics: OK, is that compatible with all users? New in Elance could need time to adapt but after, once got the way, you know where what is; in Upwork you are assisted, they try to show what is useful where it has to be.


I prefer Elance, however I’m open for improvements, if they consider our comments, they could either use the Elance platform and perform it for the merging (if it is not late), either create a new platform, or review (I think it is what is being done)  the oDesk platform structure according to the clients freelancers relationship and contracts.


Wonder how that move back to Elance worked out.

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Same here. Upwork is just so much worse than Elance, it's unbelievable.


Anybody knows how to move the profile back to Elance?

I fear it's not possible.

I hate this website. My favorite thing about Elance is that I never had to think about Elance. Now, I'm VERY conscious of all the things I can't figure out on Upwork...and what is with every feature & function requiring loading time? Didn't the world decide that flash/animated interfaces should die years ago?

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I am getting frustrated with the site too.  UpWork seem to tell us it's slow and that they are working on making it faster.  However I find the behaviour of the site unpredictable and far from intuitive.  Recently I posted a Job, had 25 applicants, tried the use the built in shortlist process, but it constantly failed. So I have reverted to pen and paper and accept that if some of my applicants ‘go missing’ then I just hope they weren’t the best.


I’d like to be more confident in using UpWork, but the site isn’t helping.


Best Regards


As a long time buyer - this platform sucks.


No budget?  Every time I post a project is comes in exactly at whatever number I put in?  How IRONIC!?!


AS for me... back to Elance until they close it.. and then off to some other platform.  


I've been outsourcing for 20 years and will for another 20.