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Is there a shortage of freelancers?

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Tony H Member Since: Nov 10, 2011
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Everyone here is making some good points. I took a look at both your postings. one is 17 days old, the other 4 days old. Unverified client, 0 hires, job description that sounds too good to be true.


Unfortunately this platform is littered with postings that end up going nowhere and/or have problematic clients. Most of the problems freelancers experience are from new clients who have amazing job opportunities with 'rapidly growing' companies. The posting shows business inexperience and this gives reason for established freelancers to avoid applying.


Not to say this is you, but it is very common and freelancers are going be weary of the posting. We are limited to the number of applications, so they we must only apply for jobs where the client appears to be stable, experienced and financially responsible.


In the same way a client will need to interview and weed through applicants, freelancers must do the same and weed through clients.


The best thing you could do for yourself right now would be to verify your payment method and post your job based on today's reality rather than the excitment of a new entrepreneur's dreams. Think of it as a freelancer who promises teh woprld, yet had zero credentials to back their claims. Would you hire them? Of course not.


I also have come to believe that the more experienced freelancers will consider older postings, while the spam freelancers will apply to the most recent postings.


So you kinda shot yourself in the foot for both demographics.


Maybe I'm wrong.. but that's my impression Smiley Happy