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Need help with missing payment

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Lilibeth L Member Since: Jul 8, 2011
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I'm using a prepaid credit card here in Upwork. No one told it wasn't allowed before, and Upwork has been charging it for more than a year now for weekly transactions. So for this last week's transaction, it automatically charged me as usual. I was notified right away because I got a confirmation text that a certain amount was sent to Upwork. Everytime I send anything to Upwork, I always check the amount in $ and see what was the exchange rate when I charged (just curious). Then I was surprised to see that I still have pending balance.. I was charged with the amount and balance reflects that recent charge, but it didn't seem to reach Upwork?


I tried to click "Try again" and see if it would work (it didn't went through because I don't have enough balance left). So I waited and see if they're still processing it. Nothing happened so I opened a ticket and send them a proof that I was charged (which also revealed that I was using a prepaid card). The initial response I got is that I was using a prepaid card and that I should contact the card issuer. I did and they also confirmed that it was sent to Upwork.


4 days passed and they still insist that I'm using a different card and that I should add a regular credit card to settle my balance. Since I don't have any other credit card and they're going to suspend my account if I don't settle my balance.. I tried to settle the balance using the same card - it went through this time. I got the same confirmation text that I was charged and my balance was cleared. So it seems like for whatever reason, the first one I sent got lost somewhere?


I sent them an update that my balance was cleared using the same card and ask what happened to the first one I sent. The got a reply after 2 days, and that - again - says I was using a different card and I should add a regulard card.


I hesitated posting here because I think it's a matter to be taken care of by Upwork support only.. but I keep on getting what seems to be template replies. Smiley Sad

Avery O Moderator Member Since: Nov 23, 2015
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Hi Lilibeth,


I see that the team has already explained to you in detail why the current card you are using cannot be used in Upwork. I understand how this back and forth process can be frustrating, but I encourage you to continue communicating with the support team to help expedite resolving the issue. We will not be able to discuss the details here because it's a public Community. The team will continue assisting you via the open ticket to resolve the situation.