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Odesk bureaucracy, Account Suspended

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Pablos S Member Since: Mar 26, 2015
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My account has been suspended more than a month ago for unknown reason.

After a week of meaningles correspondence with Odek I was requested to provide identity proof. After I sent all documents and additional two weeks passed Odesk said that documents I provides are not in english (Odeks - you have thouthand translators , why don't you use them?)

I send an English version of documents - now almost three weeks Odesk - does not responds.

I don't worry about myself. I have already moved whole my team to competitor website.

This is a warning for others.

Community Manager
Lena E Community Manager Member Since: Apr 7, 2015
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I understand your frustration in having to wait on your ID verification. I looked at your account and you should have received a response from one of the agents today. You will also receive an email regarding the status of the ID verification process. 



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Pablos S Member Since: Mar 26, 2015
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Dear ODesk,

This is not an acceptable way of serving your customers.

People use ODesk not for a fun, this is a part of our business.

If ODesk can not be a reliable provider of services for businesses they will go to another provider.A suspended account for us means our business is suspended.

I want you, ODesk employee imagine that one morning you come to work and you place of work is "suspended"...  But you manager says don't worry it is ok, don't go, it is only some bureaucracy problem, it will be solved some day....????  What will you do?? I think, if you are not insane, you will go to look for another job.

Same think happens here.... sane business already left you.    


Former ODesk Client