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Reviewing a job

Hi there


I wanted to ask what the time frame is for reviewing someone after a job? Is there a set time?


Thanks so much



IMO, a client should take about a week to come to their decision if they are serious about hiring a freelancer. That would give enough time to get a decent amount of proposals depending on the type of job a client posts and in what category, Clients will most likely get 50 or more proposals in the first 2 houirs.


Clients have hired in  a frew hours of posting their job, to a month after posting their job.


I have, in my category seen many jobs filled within a day or 2.  But I've heard of freelancers being hired a month or more after submitting their proposals but those are kind of rare..


Jobs will automatically expire when there is no client activity on them in a month.



HI Cathy


Thanks for your reply, however I may not have made myself clear before.

I mean how long after a job is completed does a client have to give feedback and review their freelancer? Is there a set time frame?


Thank you




Hi Rebecca,


If you have submitted your work properly through " Submit work/Request Payment" button, the client gets 14 days to review it.




Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi Rebecca,


It depends on the type of the contract.


On hourly contract the freelancer logs time using Upwork App during the work week. After the Work week and the freelancer review period are over, the client has from Monday 12 noon UTC until Friday at 23:59 UTC to review the Work Diary and dispute if they find any screenshots not related to the task or low activity levels.

You can find more information here.


On fixed-price contracts once the freelancer submits work through the system, the client has 14 days to review the work and either approve the payment or request changes. 

You can find more information about it here.

~ Valeria