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I am entirely new to Upwork and have come here after having a bad experience on Freelancer.  I need to hire a development team to help me complete a project that was dumped by the developer.  There was a trail of events on the developer side that led to this, but the short version was that his entire team working on this project left for another firm.  How do I know that?  They are trying to get me to move my contract there.


I have a web app that is mostly finished and an Android app that is mostly finished, has some small bugs.  Also need the iOS version completed.  I have put a project in and am receiving responses, but everyone wants to see the source code.  Which is what makes me really really nervous about this entire process.


This is not in it's infancy anymore.  Showing my source code has serious ramifications for the platform, should the potential developer not be an honest individual.  But at the same time, I understand that to get an accurate quote from a developer, I'm going to have to share the code at some point before signing the contract.


SO.... What are my options here?


Do you have a project manager?  In my opinion, that should be your first hire, not developers.  Get someone on board who is well-versed in managing dev projects, bring them up to speed and let them be your guide.


You'll likely save a lot of blood, sweat and tears if you do that simple thing.


Good luck!


You're in the USA? Get a local estimate first ... at least you can put a "face" on whomever and bring U.S. law to bear, if need be (should be scary enough).

I am actually in the process of doing that now.  I was thinking that was the best starting point after talking to a few potential developers and having everyone almost immediately request to see the source code.


Hi Ricardo,

A couple of additional ideas to consider.


1. Many clients will add a Non-Disclosure Agreement as part of their final contract terms (when awarding the job) or ahead of that, as part of the job post/negotiations (e.g. here's what I can share as part of the job post, for additional info like a view of the code that has been completed please sign an NDA).


2. Invite/Interview freelancers with a track record of success in this type of work. Robust work histories, with good ratings, high Job Success Scores, Top Rated badges are all good indicators to keep an eye out for. 



Hi Garnor, 


Thank you for the reply. 


1.) I had a few of the potential bidders offer that, but I guess I just don't know who to actually trust.  Which brings us to your next point.


2.) There are a lot of people with strong portfolios and feedback.  But I feel Upwork makes it a little confusing with the "Rising Talent" and "Recommended".  Some of the "Rising Talent" individuals have no hours logged or any reviews.  So how are they 'rising' if they don't have hours or reviews?


Process kind of leaves me feeling uneasy about everything.

The most important thing is this:


Do you own and personally control the domain name?


Second most important thing:


Do you pesonally control an up-to-date copy of all the source code?


Everything else is secondary.


There is no way to guarantee 100% that a developer won't abscond with your source code if you provide her access to it. But in practice, high-quality professional developers have no interest in taking your source code. They're here to do a job and earn money. The source code, outside of the context of your project, is of no value to them.

Yes I personally own and control the domain name.


I have the source code, but I'm not sure how up to date everything is.  At the very least, all of the source code is no more than 3 months old.  Problems with the previous developer keep me from getting exact answers to anything.


Signing an NDA could address a lot of your concerns (I believe Garnor mentioned it first).

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