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client cant add me to his project

how can i submit a normal ticket directly to upwork and not posted within the community forums?

i really think its redicoulous that i need to put a private question about my profile in a community forum, that this side makes me spend 2 hours to get in touch with their helpdesk and every route i take from the help page makes me end up with no possible way to communicate to upwork directly, but only post on the community forum. My questions is about my VAT number and i think i should be able to speak with UPWORK directly.

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi Arnold, 


You can submit a support request and communicate with our Support team directly by clicking the Get Help link on the right side of the Help Center > making the necessary selections > filling in the details > using the green button below and option for submitting a request.


The original poster wants to contact Upwork directly.


That would be great, but how could this be economically feasible?


The original poster has had zero jobs on Upwork. He has earned zero dollars for himself, and has earned zero dollars for Upwork.


How much does it cost to pay for live customer support personnel to take incoming phone calls or handle live chat lines?


There are over 12 million freelancers registered on Upwork. Most of them are "newbies" by virtue of the fact that they have never had a job or earned any money, and they never will. So if all of them want to contact live chat, who pays for that?


In a perfect world, the original poster WOULD BE ABLE TO CONTACT live support instantly and would not be required to read FAQ pages or search for information in help sections or type questions into a text box or wait to get a response. But in the real world, governed by real-world math and economic principles, how would that work?

Dear Preston,

Understand you work for upwork, and you job is just to put everyone on the forums down, and not letting us to speak freely.

Unfortunatly for you Arnold is right on what he is saying, and i have spend many hours trying to solve simple tasks like adding Arnold to a job on my agency team. 
On elance before upwork screw it all. 
This was a simple task.

But first let me tell you Arnold is my business partner for more then 10 years. 
And i just add him now to my upwork agency and all the problems of Upwork came on top.

Ageny is just not working at all, losing already 3 weeks of work, arround 7000$ because you and your friends there dont let us develop and show our concerns and are all the time you and your friends payed by upwork are putting us down.   

by the way will leave here again what upwork is doing now regarding to agency and how you filter our work.
On elance this kind of things wasnt filter by money. kkkk all people where seen as equal.

But i understand now is just about money. So if you know how to count, Help do the math here.
On elance i could easly add up to 5 guest accounts with a free bussiness plan.
Now on this case with Arnold, clean profile on upwork, i could add him as a guest to track hours on my behalf.
I have a very good profile here and i can get easly work and higher prices then him. DO YOU FOLOOW?

Image if i add 5 guest tracking hours on my account at SAME TIME?
If you are the guy that does math there to make upwork richer you surely can do this math.

on upwork i have spend 3 weeks just to add him on a task that have been accepted to my agency.

Sorry dude, upwork is missing to learn alot from elance, with was far, far, far ahead.
in socity people learn from each other. If you build something new on top of another, we should never do it worst.
Else better to dont do nothing.
Same goes to your comments.



Why do you think I work for Upwork?


I'm one of the most vocal critics of Upwork Customer Support.

Do you really think Upwork would pay somebody who is so critical of their operations?


Also, note that I am very consistent in my position that clients (such as yourself) and profitable freelancers should have easy, consistent access to Customer Support.


If you have read what I have written throughout the Forum, you would see that I agree with you if you are critical of your ability to contact Upwork Customer Support.

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