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.....And then I realized that......

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Damon G. D Member Since: Jun 4, 2014
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A forum is just an online version of meeting someone at, say, a coffee house. (hint, hint) I got to let my personality shine- just as I would introducing myself to the girl in the corner drinking a double caramel latte, reading that newspaper article on strange men approaching girls reading a newspaper in a corner of the coffee house. (Stay with me guys) Hi my name is Damon; new to Odesk. I am a videographer of roughly 14 years, and a creative, out of the box thinker for 37 years. I am 37. I decided to give this a try as I start my business, creating my personal branding, developing my niche, and yada, yada, yada. I hope that you all might receive me with open arms into this forum because, well, I like to express ideas and have fun. 3:00 am and I wake up unexpectedly and can't fall back to sleep. Seems like a fun thing to do. By the way, I live in Arlington, Virginia and I am looking forward to expressing my ideas to clients and make some good money while I'm at it. So let's both benefit. Thanks for reading -------Gooooooooooo!!!! MONEY!!!!!!!----------
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Kathrin B Member Since: Jul 20, 2012
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This forum is not an online dating site.... and Damon, really, you don't need to make such an effort to make yourself sound appealing. You're not going to get laid here Smiley Happy This is actually a forum to talk about oDesk related topics, to get and give advice, to let off steam about annoying clients/freelancers, to warn others about scams and stuff like that. If you're looking for a girlfriend I suggest you venture out into the nearest coffee shop Smiley Happy
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Marissa S Member Since: Feb 6, 2008
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Hi Damon, welcome to O-date.. I mean, Odesk Smiley Wink BTW, I'm just a bit bothered why you would use your complete name as your Odesk user name -- because I can easily copy and paste it on Google and voila, it leads me to this background check site that shows your address, your telephone number and names of your possible relatives. And that's just a basic search. Hope you get to fix that anyway.. many folks with bad intention out there
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Damon G. D Member Since: Jun 4, 2014
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Hey thank you all. I just thought I would have fun with this. I am fully aware it is not a dating site, lol. Like I said, I will let my personality shine. Thank you for the tip on using my real name. I will actually change that immediately. Talk to you all later.