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Coffee OR Tea OR

What do you prefer, I love all three


1. coffee

2. team

3. water

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Both!! Can't give up either of them.

Edit: you can see how i wasn't even considering water as an option

Haha. Get that water in there!

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But why there is no juice? lol

I love Orange Juice!

 I also love mango Juice!


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I love all three as well. Water, of course. I drink more tea than coffee, but like them equally. Between tea and coffee, preference depends on what time of the day it is, and if I'm eating something along. So, if there's food that I'd want to dunk/dip, then I prefer tea, otherwise coffee.

That is great. I have been drinking a lot of Yemini Coffee. I do drink a lot of Ginger Tea!

I'll try Yemeni coffee when I get hold of it. Just looked it up online. I've had Turkish coffee, but I understand it is different than Yemeni.

Awesome. Turkish is very strong!

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