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Upwork Emojis

Why does it look like I'm having an impudent laugh when all I typed in is ":)" ?


It's indeed not a huge deal, but I feel like it sometimes may reflect inappropriate to the clients, likewise from clients to freelancers.


Is it possible to improve, even replace them? Maybe Facebook-like emojis would be good? I mean I'd like having ":)" untouched, but if it has to be an emoji, I think it should be a good one.


Any efforts on this, Upwork?


p.s. Community emojis are different than the emojis in Upwork Messages. Community ones look much better, and I have no complain about them.

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I abhor the emojis in messaging. Have you seen the "grinning"one? He looks like he's straining on the toilet.

Now, I know there's the crowd here who think it's ludicrous to use emojis while talking to clients, but everyone has their own "digital language" and emojis can be very helpful in distinguishing between sarcasm and kindness. I use them often to help with the tone of my messages, but that grinning emoji is not doing me any favors.

Well I was already horrified by the smiley that I didn't even try the 'grin' emoji. Thanks for the warning.


I also don't think using emojis is somewhat inappropriate; being in a professional relationship doesn't mean that we shouldn't be putting any feelings into what we're doing. But seems like I'll be keeping it away from them unless Upwork makes some changes.

Hi Ozan and Melissa,

Thank you for your feedback, I will share it with our team.

~ Goran
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I agree that I don't love the basic smile emoji in messages. The first time I saw it from one of my freelancers I was a little taken aback, then I realised it's just Upwork's choice for the emoji. I (and my freelancers) quite often use basic smile emojis in communication and I've got used to it now, but I do think it could be a bit more restrained.

Yeah, but you're not a chatbot. 

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lol @ Why does it look like I'm having an impudent laugh when all I typed in is "Smiley Happy" ?

I was talking about "colon followed by paranthesis", but sure when you do that it automatically converts to the emoji.


The emojis here are fine, I made that statement to the smiley in the Upwork Messages.

I had to search to see if anyone else is bothered by this issue :) 


Upwork, how about changing the default emjoji for : ) to :smileyhappy: instead of :smileyvery-happy:


Its super akward everytime i throw in a smiley and it looks like im laughing hysterically at my own statement.

Hi Erik,


Thanks for sharing your suggestions. I already submitted your feedback to our team for consideration.


Thank you.

~ Aleksandar

It'd be nice if we could switch automatic emojis off altogether.


I just wished a client who went with another freelancer "good luck :)" and it looked like I was being sarcastic about it.

This made me laugh


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:asmileywink: :smileywink:
:asmileyhappy: :smileywink:
:asmileymad: :smileymad:

just remove 'a'

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