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When Special Talentists invite you

Now all I have to do is learn Russian.



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My best friend got the same....


Client not payment method verified, in low-cost country....


.....quite apart from the fact that nowhere on her profile is there the faintest hint that she speaks any Russian either.



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Just say *нет, спасибо*
"No good deed goes unpunished." -- Clare Boothe Luce

Special Talentists = good idea, but still a work in progress.

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My favourite interaction with the talent specialists so far is when I was invited to apply for the directorship of an online law school (the client was somewhere in Eastern Europe). Although I did take an undergraduate environmental law elective, I don't list it on my profile, so I'm not sure how they decided that I was an ideal candidate for this. Proofreading the odd academic law paper is not quite the same as having a law degree. Unless it's something they felt that, based on my other pertinent high-level qualifications (like speaking English), I could just pick up by osmosis and binge-watching legal tv series on Netflix.  Like, what's to know, right? 

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