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Feb 01, 2023
Career advice from the Upwork Academy Content & Learning Program Manager

It’s a new year and with it comes new opportunities to grow our businesses and careers. To help you achieve your goals, we’ve collected career and business advice from executives within Upwork, human resources experts, experienced freelancers, and business leaders. January might be over, but we’ve still got more tips to share. You can subscribe to the blog to avoid missing this valuable insight.




Here's Hailey's advice for giving yourself credit for all you've accomplished:


It’s easy to make a “To-do list'' since it seems we never run out of upcoming chores and tasks. But have you ever made a “Done list”? Try making a list of the top few things that you accomplished each day. It could be as small as taking a minute to breathe or as big as signing a new contact! At the end of the week, condense those daily lists. At the end of the month, condense those weekly lists. Then at the end of the year, condense your monthly lists and you have a tangible record of everything you accomplished that you can reflect on and be proud of. 


Now, not all of those accomplishments will be career related of course. But some will be! Seeing what you did the previous week, month, or year to progress professionally might inspire you to set new goals for yourself. Whether it’s signing up for a course to develop new skills, pursuing a certification, finding a mentor, engaging more on LinkedIn and other professional networks. The goals could be big or small. But seeing your “Done list” will show you that you are capable of a lot more than you might think and you should believe that you can tackle the next “To-do list.”


What business or career advice would you give for the new year?